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The most Underrated Drummer


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Yeah Chamberlain is my fav drummer along with danny carey from tool, but neither are underrated, they are both considered some of the best drummers alive by just about every one.  Sure they don't get talked about as much as the lead singers, but they're not underrated.

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I know they did two more, heard em on a bootleg cd my friend has.  Think it was tom sawyer and freedom of music, but one of em they just kind of covered half way.  If I could find the mp3s on my computer Id be sure, cant seem to find em online either, I gotta borrow that bootleg again.

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Sheesh, the underrated tag is bogging these down, don't make me go around and edit the topics! :dissappointed: Dave Grohl is a poll choice and you can hardly call him underrated?


FYI, at least over this side of the atlantic where the Pumpkins didn't have as much mainstream success, I've never heard Chamberlain mentioned when musicians are talked up.


PS: I didn't realise my 'but seriously' post hadn't gone thru for some reason. Animal aside, Taylor Hawkins (Foos) is a pretty cool drummer too (probably helped by having two drummers in the band when they're writing songs). I had another couple at the time that I can't think of now...

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