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Have The Gallaghers Lost It ?

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Well having read this months issue of Q magazine, i thought to myself that this would be a good thread, as i'd like to know what you lot thing about the loveable Gallagher brothers.




Heres a little sample of the interview taken from Q4Music.com The rest is in the mag!!


The jury is out on America. You sold 6 million albums there but have you really cracked it?


Liam: "Listen, I went to America I had a good time. But if I don't like something, I'm on the fucking plane. We're not U2. With them c**ts, it's all about money. We're not money orientated. Some c**t fucks me off, I'm going home. Member of my family's dying, I go home. At the end of the day it's only music. And I don't do fucking American tours so some fat yank c**t can make a load of money and I get a few quid in my back pocket. Sorry. And if you won't have me back next time, then go and suck your cock!


Noel: "We were top five and we went home. Careerists would have stayed. But we were fucked. We should have had a year off."


Liam: "You should always have a year off. Even when you're already having a year off, you should have a year off. Two years off, you c**t."


Do you need this new album to be successful?


Noel: "If this album sells 200 copies and Sony say, Fuck off, then we'll make another one. It's in our bones. We're not careerists. I don't care if we don't get played on Radio KYLCQD Butt Fuck in Ohio or Radio One."


"David its over to you!"

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