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Here's another cool idea for a new post I came up with. It was inspired by several things together. It was inspired by the Word Association and Movie Quotes threads. I heard a bit on a morning radio talkshow (not sure if it was Kenny & Footy on Y-100 or the Paul and Young Ron show on BIG 106, but it was one of those) where they would name various actors and actresses, and a bunch of guys would have to say the first movie that comes to their minds that they associate with that actor/actress. So I decided to start a similar thread on here. The thread will be similar to both the Word Association and Movie Quotes threads. I will post an actor's name, then the next poster has to respond with the name of the first movie that comes to mind that they associate with that actor, then like Movie Quotes, they will post another actor's name below it, and the next poster will repeat the process. I will start it off:


Harrison Ford

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Kevin Bacon


would it be better if we tied the movie that the given actor has been in to another actor, kinda like the "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" game? Say you put out Harrison Ford I throw out the Movie Indiana Jones and then put down another actor who was also in that movie like Sean Connery and then you'd give another movie that Connery has been in like The Rock and throw out Nicolas Cage from that movie and so on and so forth... what do you think?

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