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yeah, i forgive for good endings and extreme scariness factor, even if the acting/directing/whatever is shit. like event horizon. wasn't a super great movie but it was scary as hell.


here's a rundown of Fragile from imdb:


As the new night nurse at a soon to be abandoned children's hospital readies the last group of orphans to leave, it becomes increasingly clear that these are not normal children. Something living in the hospital, something the children call the "mechanical girl," has a terrifying hold over them and will stop at nothing to keep them in the hospital with her forever.


all of the threads on that page keep talking about how freaky and scary the "mechanical girl" is. like i said, i'll forgive a semi-crap movie for horror/scaryiness factor or a great ending that i didn't expect. and baytor, that's the movie i was talking about, thank you. i heard the descent it really scary so i'm looking forward to that, eventhough the description makes it sound kind of cheesy.


darkness isn't for everyone. it's not the exorcist or poltergeist but for a low budget no-ones-really-heard-of-it horror movie, i was scary. to me. not everyone gets freaked out by the same things.


nick, you really should've seen slither. it was really great. it's what a lot of movies aspire to do but can't.

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Another crazy horror one from Jaume Balagueró (yes, i had to copy that name to get it right) was Fragile, this hospital hororr one with Ally Mcbeal.

LL got me hyped on this one, cause she went on about "the mechanical woman" being voted the scariest horror character by a few people.


Bascially...this hosptial is shutting down. There's a handful of children left there, waiting to be transfered, and Ally McBeal is brought in to help with the tail end of their care, after her predecessor got spooked & left. Only, there's something alive in the hosptial, and it absolutely does not want the children leaving.


It was pretty damn freaky; thought i didnt dig the ending as much as i did with Darkness (whole other story, to be fair), it kept a generally scary feel to it during much of the movie. This director, he isnt playing with very original concepts here, but he's making them work and that's 2 scary movies of his ive seen and enjoyed, id be down to see his other works.



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