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so, most folks know the rules: 1k posts and you get your own group, or get invited to a pre-existing one....soem of you get automatically placed in em based on your site of origin.


anyway, im down for new ideas...weve apparently got unused colors, and im all for customization when its cool - pip images and the like. So, place your requests/ideas here, and ill run them past the enigmatic hondo's illuminati take them into consideration.


Much love to the Creat0rz, but i had an idea for a group for Def & LL:




bacchus and the uh, kesh'd/deported group? im debating tossing the cuntlogs in here, but the spam can is pretty telling.




alright, this was mostly for the LL group one. If you want others in your ridiculous group, post invites, individual criteria and such here - like, to join the "Irish Cowboy is awesome" group (forthcoming), one could sumbit their entry and you know, post reasons why irish cowboy is awesome in your sig. You get the idea.

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haha I feel bad about the Cr3at0rz... it's become mostly a Texan Member group rather than a graphics/music creating group, heh. But it's all good! I love having my Texan lovers in it.


I'm still tryign to figure out what to use as a membericon thing, but the smallest I can/wanna go is 25x25, and you told me I had to make it 10x10 which is near impossible.. :( Others are larger, so is it possible if I make mine a little bigger, too? sorry to be a pest!


PS your banner sure does look kittenlicious.

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it does. it really does.


10x10's not a law, just a suggetion: as long as its not massive, its cool, and im sure youll have somethin sharp in mind anyway. Post what you got! also, if you wanna rename the creat0rz to refelct the western chapter of Hondos (so cool! like an Avengers West Coast!), lemme know too.

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haha...you really wanna run with bein the youngest member onna board, eh?

ill get it done, prolly during the week tho, i just gotta upload the image to our server, its not hard. see if you can size it down a bit without it looking like shit, tho.

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im gonna make this thread eat jumbie's "why am i purple" later on.


Hondo's Texas Chapter - Lemme know if youre down for your own group, what color, and if you like Jax's cool flag for your image.


Hondo's Irish Chapter - Same deal - want a group? what's the name of it, what color (im thinkin green of some shade), what image/pip?


Hondo's Northeast Chapter - ....Is MM flying solo, or who else wants in? Same deal as the others.



We already have the DownUnderDogs for the Aussie kids....this is fun, its like when Avengers got a West Coast book. :blink:

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SO. MANY. RED. GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!


what's up with the red colors people!?

We need more rainbow colors on this board!!!


Yea whats up with that!!! Seems like everyone is Red around here.... (I thought I was special :) )


What are we only sticking to primary colors?!?!?! There is such a thing called the COLOR WHEEL - it's made up of secondary colors and even tertiary colors!!! (Something our newest member Hollingsworth is adequately familiar with!!!)


Maybe he could suggest some different colors!!!!

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