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alright, DoJ & crim: all done. :birf2:


the downunderdogs lost one, but theyll live right under a baker's dozen (unless they induct jamie...?) i still think we should do an official texan group with that awesome flag that was drafted, i guess theyre mostly gonna keep the creatorz and stay unincorporated like the irish lot, heh.

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at the recent berating request of DKS, cortez and others, new (tentative?) member group changes:


10 posts or less, you're a voyeur. no HTML.

for the moment: above 10, you're now a Jr. Hondonian. HTML rights begin there, so stop complaining! shame, i liked having it an incentive for Sr. Hondonians, but at least you get more room for private messages. there it is.


thing is, id like to put the number around 25, but dont yet have a better member group name for that range yet, and clearly, saying twenty things is too chatty for a voyeur. Plebian? Upstart? Hot Costner Victim? Help me out here.

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