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Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez, dead!!

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ACCKKK!!!! are you people serious come on TLC is like one of my fav 90's/80's groups or don't you "remember Lets talk about sex" wait that was Salt 'N Pepper...I mean "I aint to proud to beg" come on the whole Sunglasses with a condom on it..."Left eye" Lisa started that..that was revaloutionary especially for women I mean her wearing a condom on her face.. preaching about safe sex geez guys.... well...I am sad to see her go...and she had to die in Central America of all places...Well RIP Lisa....


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I know im comin in way late, but man, you folks're rough.  Im not sayin give her another grammy - like they mean shit - but damn let the body go cold 'fore we crack bad Weird Al jokes and such, have we no respect for the dead?

TLC was fun stuff, i only hated last album "Fan Mail" 'cause i worked at a music store that looped it back then.  :D

I think "Red Light Speical" was my personal favorite, fond memories of that 'n.  After that...either "Waterfalls" or "Silly Ho".  

My only question'd be: who the hell goes to Hondorus for vacation?

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