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okay here's my gripe of the week, one hit wonders, i don't know if anyone CARES on this site, but i am here to bitch about the album out by Hoobastank.  i really dug their first single, crawling in the dark, but i decided to buy the album from a friend to hear the rest, and possibly burn it if i liked it instead of shelling out $15 for a CD that i'll most likely listen to when i'm too busy focusing on something else to care what i'm listening to.


my gripe? the genre of angry adolescent men screaming has become as common as the genre of pop stars like n'sync and brittney, don't get me started, these male rock bands are JUST IF NOT MORE manufactured than these pop bands, they are just put out and marketed to target a different audience. these bands are targeted to appeal to these alterna teens who aren't into the whole pop scene, but it's a BIG SET UP, dude i don't know HOW MANY TIMES i've turned on MTV and noticed that all of these male rock bands singing basically the same song, having the same video concept *always chasing after this scantily clad, tatooed rock chick*


i was a little dissapointed with Hoobastank, i thought that they may have deviated from the norm of this genre, but unfortunately, it's basically like all of those angry white male rock bands. i'd give the album a 5 out of 10. again i really dig "crawling in the dark" i can see them being one of those bands who i just start to like due to the fact of repetivness of their songs on the radio, possibly, but highly doubtful.


i'm curious if anyone out there has listenend to the new Jimmy Eat World CD, i really like the new single ("in the middle") but wondering if anyone has purchased/burned the cd yet, i'm waiting for payday before i go out and buy it, and wonder if anyone on here has opinions on it.

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Yeah, I have to say I agree, I don't even like the singles that these one-hit-wonder bands do anymore.  The radio has become utterly useless to me recently.  It's either this new wave of wannabe "punk" bands that are more commercial than the gap, or a bunch of tattoed guys jumping around and screaming about how much they hate stuff.  The only new debut cd that i've bought recently that I can think of is the Gorillaz, and they're not even really new since it's all masterminded by the lead singer of blur.  There is some good new stuff out, but it's all by old artists... Tool, NIN, Radiohead, and a few others have just put out some great stuff, and supposedly the counting crows have something coming out soon.  As for Jimmy eats world, most of what I've heard out of them I've liked, they're a good catchy band, tho they kinda contribute to the commercial punk thing, hell at least they sound good...  I liked most off of "Bleed American" but I haven't heard anything new from them.  I heard that they started as emo as dashboard confessional and got a lot harder as time went on, but I think they're pretty good now.  And I always though Hoobastank was a big Incubus ripoff.... they even look like Incubus!  I'll finish this rant with a quote from someone who still manages to put out good music today, Trent Reznor.


"I hate the nature of the business right now. I think that it's a very stifling, uncreative, non-artistic, non-musical climate right now. Where the lines between art and commerce dissolved into, “I'm just giving product to a label that will make all the money and discard me when I'm not viable anymore. That's it!” Yeah, I know I'm selling a record to people, but it's not laundry detergent. This is art, this is something that is precious and it should be respected as such. "

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Trent Reznor: musician, artist, and sage.  Must buy that DVD of his some time.


Dont know if this is along the same lines, but I used to really love the first album by VAST (Visual Audio Sensory Theatre).  The whole fuckin thing....touched, here, temptation... so many good tracks, was one of those i could loop endlessly.  The lead guy bragged he wouldnt sample anythin made this century, anyway, it was good stuff.

Hurry-up-and-get-it-the-fuck-out-there-you-contracted-whore album # 2 shows up, and its pure teen angst. I was so dissapointed, barely listened to it.  Its like they said "this album, we're Limp Bizkit, yo!" or somethin.  Lyrics went from "i didnt want to hurt you, but youre pretty when you cry" or "the razors and the dying roses plead i dont leave you alone.." to shit like "no one understands me, i hate my father, lets break shit!"   :plain:

Anyway, on that note, I really went for Stroke 9's "kick some ass".

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god, i remember when stroke 9's "little black backpack" came out, didn't really like it that much, but i hear that album is really good and didn't get a lot of credit.


i dug that single from vast, the chorous went something like "i'll never find someone quite like you again.." or something like that.. well too bad they sold out (hums another one bites the dust)


honestly nobody can actually write a good love song anymore, it's so cheesy and mass produced it doesn't mean anything, like nickleback's "this is how you remind me" please (gag, cough, gag) and the thing that sickness me is that MILLIONS of teens across this great nation LOVE that song, and many of a relationship probably dubbs that piece of shit song "their song" god it makes my head hurt thinking about it


what happened to the days of "i wanna keep on loving you" and "just what i needed" "no matter what you are" good classic rock songs that actually make you want to go out and find a significant other and frolic with them or what not


but NO our generation is given shit songs about the supposed "trials and tribulations" of relationships when some pervert in his 40's is siting in his ivory towers fanticizing about brittney spears writing these supposed "odes to love" it's enough to make me sick.  :dissappointed:

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Ha...that one's "Touched", by the way. Great, great song.

Ill prolly take shit for this, but i think some good songs come outta R&B.  Not good ol shit like Bill Withers & Marvin Gaye (now there was some love & sex music, my god), and not necessarily Boyz II Men, tho i do admit i think theyre good.

A good dumped, anti-love song is Eric Benet's "When you think of me" (courtesy of Kee & Woody a long time back). I like Craig David's new stuff too...id name more but i dont think many R&B folks are lookin here.

Nickelback's "This is how you remind me"...should not be a couple's song.  I still think its a cool song that sadly gets played over here like its the new national anthemn.

Anyway, my point is there are good/decent love songs bein made, but not in the rock realm, which is more and more angry these days.  Then again, im no fan of when 80's rock was big on love, we got too much shit like Foreigner & all their clones attemptin rock "ballads"....:ill: not a fan.

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While I didn't completely despise the second VAST album as much, it was a dissapointment, had a coupla good songs, but then shit like "Gates of Rock and Roll" killed it.  And Nickelback used to be a damned good band, I swear!  They have a cd called "The State" that's really good, and then I burn their second cd and it's just repetative crap.  Oh, and Stroke 9 is a very cool band.  "Nasty Little Thoughts" is a great cd, it'll be stuck in your head forever after you hear it.  I kind of liken them to the Counting Crows if they were more energetic, and less depressed.  Supposedly they have a second cd coming out (which "Kick Some Ass" was supposed to be from)  but I haven't seen it anywhere.  And on a differant issue, I bet 90% of those bands that whine and bitch about everything and hate the world have perfectly fine families and had very happy childhoods... It just seems like nowadays that's the default topic you write songs about.  Thank god for bands like Weezer that stray away from the gloom and doom every now and then

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Nailed the dick right on the head there Jumbie, so to speak...

right after you left, the single of "In the End" by Linkin Park was issued to anyone in earshot of Vista Verde with a stereo :ill:

Shame, it was alright the first 1,000 times i heard it; as opposed to Jennifer Lopez & Ja-Rule shit that Spiffy loves, which didnt even sound good the first time.

Dammit, Spiffy, if youre gonna listen to that stuff, go with Jay-Z, he's much better, ignorin that "H to the izzo" shit recently. :D

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:baa: i agree.


people talk about all these different popular bands (as in rock bands), and i'm like "wtf are they..."  i don't know where they get this stuff from... it's like with hoobastank and nickelback and god knows who else, the vast majority of people never hear them til their *one* single, then they're all over them for like two minutes.  i mean, i guess that's the point of singles, but still, the whole quickly turning tide from one 'hit' to the next, it sorta bothers me... reminds me of the beginning of 'julius caesar' about when the soldiers are talking about the people that cheer for whoever the victor is, as they cheered for pompey then for caesar... *shrug*


go weezer


give me some good love songs, people, come on... none of that "all or nothing" o-town shit neither...


damn give me billy joel... that's it...  :D

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*sings my rendition of uptown girl just for lauren*


my co-worker tommy loves billy joel too and for christmas i got him the vynil record... he loved it, we do a killer version of uptown girl, lol, we get on the counters at baci and everything.. lol.. not not really ya damn caucazoid.(indianoids are afraid of hights...)


weezer, i can't say ENOUGH about weezer, god, sweaters is one of my fave songs of all time, and Suzanne off of the Mallrats soundtrack.. god they just kick so much ASS


and linkin park, dude i remember when i went to Miami last summer, and imam's all like "hey leah have you heard of linkin park?" and i'm like "fuck yeah" they had been the shit on the west coast for some time, i guess they just came to florida in like july or something.. i gave my linkin park cd to james tho.. (nodds to lauren) hey speaking of, are you going to james's farwell dinner on fri? i'm gonna miss him so much.

:scared:  he's one of the coolest guys i've had the privelage to meet. we're going to oklahoma after, so never fear, lol.

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leah hun he's not transferring... i saw him today at the tennis match and at oklahoma... which you WEREN'T at, thank you very much...


yeah i remember when he first got that cd, we were singing it in sarty's class, back when i had a good seat on the non-caucasoid nazi side...


haha that's funny, i was listening to that song this morning on the way to school.  billy joel kicks ass  :D

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um, ya lauren..when i posted that he was still in "i'm moving to vallejo never to be seen again!" mode, then around wed he decided to stay at vanden, and all is well


he acts like vallejo is sooo far away, nigga please i was born in valley-ho! he's all like "i can't kick it in vacaville anymore!" i was like "uh..james.. i can always drive you to vallejo, it's only 20 min away, plus they have Rasputin in vallejo *gets excited* my favorite music store EVER..


ya and i'm sorry about your move over to the nazi regeime. *sigh* at least mike, jesse, alex and i are safe from their clutches... for now..

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OH and james, he called me earlier and said he'd have his cell phone on.. lo and behold i call him to find out when intermission is so i can drive back to fairfield and see you guys and all since this is his "last" night in fairfield.. that boy had his cell phone OFF so i made an effort dammit.


hey did oklahoma suck?

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he had his cell phone off?  that dumbass.  he had it on the whole time i saw him before, during intermission, and after... ???


and i'm really not the best person to ask, i've been rehearsing like four hours everyday this week for it, i've got a canker sore inside my mouth from playing so much :plain:.  yes, a gory detail you didn't want to know, and no, it's not exciting.  you'll have to ask people, james said he almost fell asleep in the first act, but stayed awake in the second act.


yeah for some reason sarty stuck james, adrienne, and me the least caucasoid of them all, over there *shrug*


lol my sister was born in vallejo, we drive there every friday, it's not like fairbanks, ak...


ps, irish, we still like you even if your only IRL friend is a plumber.


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I agree with your point on a dearth in quality of American rock music. The solution? European bands!


Highly recommended:

Scotland's Idlewild

Sweden's Wannadies and The Hives

Wales' Lostprophets

England's Vex Red

Belgium's Soulwax

and many more I can't think of right now...


PJ Harvey's album has some good rock love songs too...

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oh sure, laugh at me & my friend! Youre just jealous.


So, uh...mario, uhm how was Nebraska?

mario.gif "It's ah-me, Mario!"


Right, heard that one.  Uhm..so hey how is Chris and all our other inside-friends doing?!


mario.jpg "Ah thank you for playing Nintendo 64."


:D  :scared:

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hey, i *like* mario!  


i have this program called 'mario teaches typing'... i think you'd enjoy it.  i also almost beat super mario world on super nintendo (a little thing called 'becoming a teenage girl' happened, so my video game hours dropped off...:scared:)

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System of a Down is incredible.  The Metro is from the Dracula 2000 soundtrack, is prolly why you haven't heard it.  Great song.  And I like their self titled one, but I agree, Toxicity is better cause it has the feel of being an album, not just a collection of songs.  'Nuther good band I've been listening to a lot is Finger 11.  Their second cd, Greyest of Blue skies is just badass.  They haven't done anything for a couple of years, but everything I've heard from them I've loved.

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