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WhAT yOu ArE NOT gOinG tO sEE in ThE oLyMpiCs



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i'm sure i missed TONS that i haven't thought of. ...


i'm sure there are a few of you out there scratching your heads going "winterguard.. what's that?"


it's like colorguard, except inside, with more coreography, costumes, and to music..


usually rifles, sabers, flags, swing flags, and other implements are spun.... and usually is centered on a theme


freshman year i did winterguard and our theme was romeo and juliet.. good fun...

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Mulan tells me that's called "curling" (she watches the olympics, sadly).  Not curling like the workout, but rather an excercise in homosexuality, apparently.

Hey, you know what made that shit look straight? Did you watch the openin ceremony with some fuck skating around between icicle homos lookin for his inner flamer? That shit...my god,  that shit made Richard Simmons say "...fag."

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ok now that I am under the correct screen name.... I know what you mean it takes lot of time and a lot of practice you also eat sleep and drink winterguard. I would do it sounds like fun  :D


Well I see the out of practice thing like my singing I am not practicing and not warmin up or the correct voal training I am really out of practice...



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