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I'm onto it tomozzer. Suppose I'll recommend something in return, its only polite :D  Try out,


Ten Benson - I don't buy it




The Music - Take the long road and walk it



The first is very rock driven and has some of the funniest lyrics I have ever heard in a song. The second is a relatively new Manchester band who critics are expecting big things from. Whether they will live up to that is for time to tell.



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...does anyone remember "Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend"? Old song, used to have this MTV video back in the day with Macross in it, bout the first glimpse i had of real anime...anyway, ok song, had it goin on Winamp, was wonderin if anyone remembered it...

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Fraid not, would you recommend it for DL? Now that exams have finished I've got my mornings back, so I'm after recommendations.


For everyone else, here's a few tracks to keep you excited...


'Shoot Shoot' by Kaito




'How Cheap is your Love?' by Frigid Vinegar.



Let me know what you reckon... :D

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You after forming a list for the weekend KoS, or your boss got you whipped? If so I'll oblige... :D


In the meantime, now that I've got my mornings back I'm after discovering exciting new bands before noon, so throw me a frickin' bone here people. Give me something good and obscure to DL... :approve:

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Work's been hectic what with the 6-day weeks and one staff member (of 4 including me) on holidays, and I got into a bad habit of going to the pub and wasting my whole evening there, not that that's not fun but I haven't had much of a life lately. But I've only to work 4 days this week, 5 the next then I'm off for a week ( :approve: ), heading over to my sister's in Manchester with Jont for a bit of R n R. How far is Nottingham away from there?


Anyway, music, with Melt Banana I've only DLed a few tunes on a recommendation, can't remember which ones, they're most noteworthy for their sheer insanity, any song you'd get by them are likely to be the same thrash-jpop I've heard.


As for a specific recommendation, try 'Roy Vedas - Fragments Of Life', a cool vocodered track from a few years ago (Just before Cher started putting out vocodered songs as I recall).


Haven't had a chance to DL anything or look for new music so I can't really comment on previous recommendations yet...

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I've got a pretty good reccomendation that I've been listening too lately.  Called "The Josh Joplin Group"  (no relation to Janis), they're a very chill band with great lyrics.  Just about anything from the cd "Usefull music" is great, but the best ones to get I'd say are "Phil Ochs"  "I've Changed"  "Matter" "Gravity" and "human"... the only song off that cd that I dont think is representative of what they sound like is "Superstar", other than that, get just about anything.  Very sort of meloncholic, ironic stuff, but absolutely great.

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Ok back to MP3 recommendations:


Aside from Cold Play - Clocks, I'm playing:

The Hives - Hate to say I told you so

Evanescence - Bring me to life (off the new Daredevil soundtrack; its not bad)

and the one I'm playing like its the thing to do, fuckin cool song:

Foo Fighters - All my life :D

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Ok, no one tried those, sad.... "White Stripes - Dead leaves & the dirty ground" is cool too.

Chiefy, did you hear that Eminem freestyle - boyband dis yet? Its a trip.

Oh, and I remember how much i love VAST - Touched, never get tired of that song. I know most of you prolly heard it by now, but seriously, those who havent heard it, give it a try - one of my favorites.

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Yes yes, Vast Touched is pretty sweet. Get your hands on the music video is you haven't seen it, awesome video!


I have only one recommenation for today. 'Leave' by REM. Make sure to get the 7 minute version of "New Adventures in Hi-Fi", not the 4 minute version of the A Life Less Oridinary Soundtrack that's by REM and Radiohead. If you like REM version, get the alternate version too, but get the REM version first.


This is my favorite non-radio hit REM song, possibly my favorite REM song, and that's saying something. It's easy to forget exactly how great REM is. They have like 15 albums, and they're all really solid (witht he possibly exception of 'Up'). One of the truely world class bands that are still at the top of their game.

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Im tryin out that REM one....here's a few for you folks:


Dynamite Hack - "Boyz in the hood" (if you havnet heard this one, you fuckin have to, its funny as fuck).

Check out their covers of "Gin & Juice" and "Today was a good day" also, fuckin trip and a half.

If youre wondering who the fuck they are, those of you who've seen Office Space - most of you hopefully - might remember the song they helped out with, "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"... these guys are cool.

PS I agree, "touched" is a great video, but "pretty when you cry" is freaky.

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Ok, even though not one of you checked out "Dynamite Hack" like i said, ill keep tryin at it.

In the same vein of funny shit, try Group-X ("Arabian rap sensation), famous for Chief's theme song "I just want (bang bang bang)", another great by them is "Super Mario Twins".

Seriously, funny shit, give it a try. You cant go wrong with an album named "Stepping on the crotch of your American president".



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Ok, now that no one's actually listening anymore, ill recommend shit that wouldntve had a chance, anyway....some good music offa anime ive seen lately.


TM Revolution - Heart of Sword (B.D. remix) - great one off Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X, Spiffy'd go for this.


Yoko Kanno - Call me, call me (ease my mind)

(ok, much of the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks is really cool, but this vocal one's my favorite right now - Fingers, Green Bird, Jupiter Jazz, Chicken Bone and of course Tank! are runners up, but you gotta see that last one with the full series intro).


Seriel Experiments Lain - Duvet (slow mix, tho the Cyberia one's good too). I know Yahven's into this one.


as for rpg/game stuff...

Xenogears - Creid (still one of the prettiest songs ive ever heard, whole album's good)


Shenmue - Memories of Distant Days (Shen Hua, vocal or non, is right up there).


I think if i ever heard any of those on the radio, id crap myself.

PS Junker told me to recommned "The Defilers - Defile you", during their pre- Visiting Hours days.

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Alright, alright I've got dynamite hack on my DL list, I'll get back to ya on that.


Now for my newest set


Cat Power - Great stuff, a really depressed chick. Not exactly stuff to listen to while speeding down the highway, but it's great music. Has a really good cover album where she gets a bunch of older songs and strips em down to mostly acoustic, really somber arrangements. CHoice cuts from her are:


I found a reason (Velvet Underground cover)

Crossbones style

Satisfaction (stones cover without the chorus)

Metal Heart

Sea of Love



Oh yeah, Dinghy's favorite part of the Defiler song was when they sing about "Refiling" you.

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No word back on Dynamite Hack or Group X... ??? good thing they were just for comedic value...


ok here's a few to/from BigChief, our board's resident R&B connisewer connasuer conquista fan...


-Common featuring Mary J. Blige - "Come close to me" ("justa fly love song"...i really dig this one, its smoov)

-Marques "Batman" Houston - "That girl" - one of those radio ones i took too. Tyrese's "how you gonna act like that" aint bad either.

-R. Kelly - "Ignition (remix)" - he's doin pretty good for the heat he has on him right now.


"Come close to me, baby...

let your love hold you

I know this world is crazy...

what's it without you..."


oh, and again, apparently there's a version of 2Pac - Thug Mansion on acoustic, with Nas on one verse, its pretty good too. That Common one's on the top of my list right now tho.


we now return this forum to your regularly scheduled rock recommendations.

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