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PS Just occured to me, the "Dynamite Hack - Boyz in the hood" one that's gettin some radio play, it threw me off a bit but its an old NWA cover, but on acoustic...funny as shit.

sorry to break it to yah ic, but that song's been getting radio play for a few years now... they hit it big with the "boyz in the hood" song back in '99...

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Birdy: yeah i was thinkin its been around a while, i recall hearin part of it on a radio station's ad a while back, but i dont think Junker & them have heard it, thought id put it out there...

hah, birdy's a 2pac fan, and not even by choice...

def - that's the one, thanks.


Anyone heard the Common/Mary J one yet? Chief? ..hello??

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"Angel Theme (Catharsis Mix)"--Darling Violetta, remixed by Sufferance


You don't have to watch Angel to appreciate this. For you dance-music aficionados, I'm not sure if this is up to par, but it's got a beat. Not to mention, if there's one bone in your body that appreciates rueful acoustics (bells and violins, to be exact), it's beautiful. :D

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A new one that I've been looping over and over, also gettiung lots of play on college radio stations is "Yoshimi battles the pink robots p.1" by the flaming lips... this one is a must hear, really catchy.


"Those evil natured robots -

they're programmed to Destroy us -

She's gotta be strong to fight them -

So she's taking lots of vitamins -

cause she knows that

It'd be tragic, if those evil robots win -

I know She can beat them... "

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