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Nu-punk, hmmm....well if it gets the kids onto the harder stuff (deliberate drugs analogy) then it's ok i guess, don't see the appeal meself? ???


:D Anyway, I'm off to bed....>did you put in the hot-water bottle Shakira?...No? You'll just have to keep me warm then! :D

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Eh, never really was a fan.  I figure most people who listen to 'em just haven't been exposed to better/real punk stuff, Rancid, less than jake, NOFX, etc etc etc  No offense to anyone who listens to him, but I listen to something like operation ivy and I fail to see how Sum 41 can be seen as being the same genre...  On the stars topic tho, my friend hung out with Gavin Rossdale at a hotel he was staying at for his brother's birthday, that must have been pretty damned cool.

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i agree with you junker


op ivy is awesome.. are you into atom and his package?


mr. t experience is one of my fave punk bands ever too.


and for the record, sum41 sucks. when i saw them they were the opening band for zebrahead.


i just dig dave


as for knowing celebrities.. mock me all you want..


in california, it's not unusual to meet celebrities.. especially when there's a big local band scene and you live so close to Sacramento and San Francisco.


laugh and mock me all you want KOS, meandering thoughts, and da judge.. i don't know where you hail from, but i know deep inside you're bitter that you don't know dave baksh so  BAAAAAAA!!!

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I just remembered this. It may not be as intimate as being friends with a band member, but the band in question is far bigger. I have been employed by the Rolling Stones. I think being employed by the Rolling Stones is comperable with being friends with a band member of Sum 41. Here's a webcam shot of my Backstage Working Pass:


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A competition? Cool what's the prize? :D


At a Prodigy concert 7 years ago, Keith Flint climbed into the crowd and was stood on my shoulders...what's so great about that?...as far as a court of law's concerned, I can say I supported him during his early career! Half of Keith Flint's money'll be mine! :sly:

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Of course it's a competetion! What do you expect when you start mention how you know rock stars? Any, here's the count:


1. Friends with member of Sum41

2. Employed by the Rolling Stones (been close enough to Mick Jagger to see individual beads of sweat on his forehead)

3. Supported (on shoulders) member of Prodigy during his early career.


Any other contenders wanna climb into the ring?

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