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So, Hondo's has amassed nearly 400 friends. Im about ready to start using MM's image ("thanks for the add!") and HTML it as a link back here, on everybody's page that i can. before i do, i wanna have our page in order first, so a few quick things from you myspace kids:


1) you know how when you use thomas or some other page editor, there's an image linking back to them up top in the left corner? can you get me the HTML for that?


2) Ive got a few group photos to put up, deciding if i should post some in our pictures section, and im thinking of a slideshow for the rest on the page itself - anyone know how to do this? holla.

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Yeah, fixed my own crappy page a bit too.


Ok, so is that what everyone wants on Hondo's myspace page? if there's more group or other pics for the slideshow, lemme know.

meantime, i gotta go "thank for the add" like 400 people. If i knock out 10 a day, i should be done uh, eventually.

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you are all kinds of impressive, love. FHD as soon as i hit the pubs. :eh: youre truly awesome.


quick thing: i know it sounds redundant, but could someone take our image:



and just tag our domain (www.HondosBar.com) on it somehwere, so i can have MH upload it as the same filename in flickr? Im just not putting aything past myspacers to miss, even with MH's excellent HTML.

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gonna do that right now!



Actually.... I can't do that... Flickr randomly generates URLs for the image. So if I delete this, even if I replace it with the exact same name, it won't go by the same url as the first one did (like say if I had uploaded it in photobucket....)


Unless I'm being stupid. Which is usually what the problem is.

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sounds good.

do they have the same setup as myspace & all the others? ill just paste the code on over if they do. more sites cant hurt.


ps again, anyone wants to log in at niggaspace, frinendster, myspace, hi5 etc and just add anyone you want, itd be cool - PM me for the password.

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