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its time we opened our options to recruiting more narcisistic emo kids and see what happens.



no way, no fuckin' way NO FUCKIN' WAY.


I thought this was a bullshit free zone, well most of it anyway


no.. i despise bebo


Here, here

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nanno; no.. i despise bebo.. i just think its another good way of recruiting folk for the board


You said to us you used to be on it, and got kicked off for giving someone a load of abuse..

Not the actions of someone who despises bebo, but maybe you despise them as a result of this.



Send me the log in for the bebo, there are a couple of changes we should make, i just want to have a play around with.

Also if you could send me the coding for the Widget on the Hondo's MySpace page.




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As a Myspace recruit, I felt I should do something....but...being broke at the moment, this was all I could come up with -




I think of her often and it took only a little tweaking to make it Hondo's. Do with her as you please, add nipples at leisure.

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i am outraged that you would even consider putting such filth on our sacred and pure forum.

IN i demand she be banned from hondos.


Hear hear. :ohface:


I will return via proxy, aliased 'pixie chick.' Then Lottie will be seen as a prophet of her arrival, and hailed as a some sort of pseudo Goddess....or, if that's a little far fetched, maybe there could be just a short fable in honour.


After all, there are moral lessons to be learned in here somewhere.

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