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So I've been thinking of this thread for a while, but Skeet gave me the inspiration to finally make it! In this thread, we comic collectors (all 5 of us) will pimp out our favorite issues (or arcs)! I, for one, have a bunch so I know that I'll have a few posts on here! Let's try to pimp out one book at a time... you know, so the thread lasts! I'll go first...




Superboy Annual (vol. 3) #1 - Part 2 of a 2 parter Elseworlds story where the earth has been taken over by the Horde and the heroes are forced underground! Superman rounds up the last of the heroes (Batman, WW, GL, Flash, Metalex (Metallo's body with Lex Luther's brain) and Superboy) and some human followers (Jimmy included) and start a resistance! Lana Lang has infiltrated the Horde and meets with Supes on the down low! She claims to have info on where the Horde is keeping Lois, but when things go bad the heroes start droppin' like flies! Now it's up to Superman, Batman and Superboy to save the day! But everything doesn't end how you think!


This book is awesome cause it's about the only DC characters I like and it's all action! I've read the damn thing like 50 times! Check this one out!

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din it for me man

don't do it

just drop it in a mailbox...


I'll put up some links & pics later but one've my favourite arcs ever was Spiderhunt(the four part climax to Spidey's own Identity Crisis). Osbourne returns fromk the dead, films Spidey beating the shit out of him & releases a $5Mil bounty(this was back when everyone wasn't doing it). Once it's too dangerous to go anywhere without people shooting at him & killing civvies, he creates four other identities (Prodigy, Dusk, Hornet & Richochet who'd later go on to become the Slingers) that reflected four different aspects of

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Hah, this is when I fucked off to buy my iPod. I figured fuck it- I put too much effort into that much just to delete it & finish it later.


Anyways, didn't you read it? It's teh balls. Prodigiy was this Cap-style Truth, Justice & Apple Pie Superhero that appeared to fly but really just jumped real-fuckin' high. Richochet was the smart-arse spidey we all know but amped up on Prosac & without the responsibility(we tagged a few civvies in his run), Hornet was the tech-geek that wore a suit that I believe was modelled on the Beetle/Mach 1 of The Thunderbolts(oh wait, Prowler helped him design this one! :2T: ), and Dusk was some shadow suit thing from the negative zone that he used to team up with Paste Pot Pete(aka the Trapper?) & find out what the fuck was up with Osbourne 'cause... Now I recall, Osbourne also suffocated some low-level crim with webbing & got it pegged on Spidey. Man, that whole era was the fucking tits right up to the end where he said 'funkawebs' and then they relaunched with that insipid Mattie Franklin. Say, what was that arc where Osbourne gathered 5 relics that'd grant gifts to their bearers(absolute power, madness, omniscience, death & fuck, what was the last one?)- It was all tied in to the conclusion of the whole Spiderhunt dealy. Fucking awesome stuff, and it still disappoints that Spidey's not been that good since.


My Kingdom for another Technomancer arc!!

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I remember I read (i think) Spectacular SpiderMan Annual #1 which was Maximum Carnage & it just blew my fucking mind.


Other faves include DD(v1) #380- Last ish of Vol 1 and it was Joe Kelly at his second best! It was DD a classic DD adventure involving Kingpin, Bushwacker & Bullseye as told by a buncha different people(Having DD say 'Yo, I be to to bust a cap in yo' onions' is better than you could imagine).


As for Joe Kelly's best & a book I still hold quite the tender spot for: Action Comics 775- 'What's so Wrong with Truth, Justice & the American Way?'. The introduction of the Elite & I maintain one's the greatest trials ever endured by Supes. It got a little fanciful toward the end(Kal laying the smackdown on 'Chester with a telescopic/x-ray/heat vision lobotomy), and this story deserved an entire arc, but this standalone issue said everything needed to be said about the man in the 21st Century.


Coldcast is standing, suddenly he's gone.

Kal-"That's your friend flying through space at Mach 3. If you had superhearing you'd hear a pop in about eight seconds."


Sorry for butchering the dialogue y'all, but this book got lost in my horrible, horrible comic theft & I've yet to replace it.

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