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Best Music of the 90s??????

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Well well well!!!!!


The nineties, what a decade, the gulf war, israeli violence, Saddam, Monica Legwinski, windows 95 crashing all the time!! nerds wetting themselves over the re-release of the star wars trilogy.


its over to you, what do you remember most (musically, throw in anything else you want though) about the darling 90s!!?


Top 10 bands + Songs of The Nineties In no particular order.

1: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

2: Foo Fighters - Everlong

3: The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance)

4: Oasis - Live Forever

5: Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm

6: Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats

7: Aphex Twin - Windowlicker/Come to Daddy (Too Close to call what do you reckon KOS?)

8: Orbital - Halcyon

9: U2 - Staring at the Sun

10: Moby - Go


Now i wanna hear your opinions, i'm a European so excuse my taste in music!!!



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Yo SoF, KoS ain't the only Aphex T fan round here. Personally I'd go for Come to Daddy, just because the video is just a little better than Windowlicker.


Nice list BUT, I'd disagree in a few areas. That Prodigy song is no way the best, gotta be Voodoo People surely? Saying Teen Spirit is Nirvana's best song is asking for trouble fro someone like me (a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, as KoS can testify, Nirvana fan).


Also, I'd of inserted Beck somewhere in there, probably Devil's Haircut, as well as Primal Scream, Trail of Dead's 'Mistakes and Regrets', ummmmm, Beastie Boys 'Intergalactic' and NIN's 'Closer'.


Nice topic though SoF, always gonna cause contention.

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Well i was going for songs based on there anthemic value, there is no doubt that SLTS was an anthem,


I'm sorry but No Good, is 100x better than voodoo people. Pretty big prodigy fan myself.


I know nirvana wrote better songs than that. i meant to say for u2 "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" which is a far better song.


thanks for your feed back. :D

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Eh...Nirvana's good, but cmon people...

Window Licker is a funny ass video, if the other one's better, i gotta see that.

nine inch nails definietly deserves a spot, but not for closer necessarily.  As for Oasis, my personal fave of theres is "D'yer Wanna be a spaceman?", but that might just be me.  

Oh, and Orbital's Halcyon + on + on, that'd get really high up there, i fuckin love that song.

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The bands I remember most from the earlier 90s are Green Day, Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Pearl jam, I associate the later 90's with my top 3 bands now, NIN, Pumpkins, and Tool, with radiohead as a runner up.  


Defining songs for me would be

1.  Pumpkins - Cherub Rock

2.  Tool - Sober

3.  Green Day - She

4.  Nirvana - Breed

5.  Guns n Roses - Civil War

6.  Pearl Jam - Glorified Version of a Pellet Gun

7.  NIN - Down in It

8.  Radiohead - Creep

9.  STP - Big Empty

10. SoundGarden - Outshined


That's just the stuff I remember most vividly, mostly represents my favorites now too.

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1.) Nirvana

2.)Smashing Pumpkins


4.)STP (good choice)



7.) Alanis Morsette

8.)No Doubt (i will always associate with the 90's their second cd tradgic kingdom was killer, and i know almost everyone has that album in their cd collection)

9.) Rage Against the Machine

10.) Hole

11.) Greenday (everyone remembers when dookie came out)

12.) CAKE of course their definitive CD "Fashion Nugget" their first cd "motorcade of generosity" however came out in 1994, damn good album.

13.) Aerosmith... come on "cryin" and "crazy"

14.) Weezer

15.) Save Ferris (getting later 90's) also Reel Big Fish, Lee Press On Nails,

16.) Red Hot Chilli Peppers

17.) Deftones

18.) Raincoats

19.) Suicide Machines ("i'm not crazy you're the one that's crazy...")


so many more...

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Heartless: Huge Nirvana fan. Kinda sad really but I'm a bit obsessed. Got the albums, plus a few bootlegs and rarities albums. Read all the books, Charles Cross' 'Heavier than Heaven' definitely being the difinitive one.

But , the creme de la creme is on my wall where I have 2 Nirvana posters put together surrounded by collage of images of Nirvana, Kurt etc collected from about 5 years worth of magazines, NME, Melody Maker, Select, Rolling Stone, Spin, etc.


IC: You really gotta see the Come to Daddy video, it's very cool. I like the bit where the ghoul is screaming in the old ladies face, pure quality.

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yeah leaky, i'm pretty obsessed too..


don't know who's more obsessed you or i


to give you a general idea about my nirvana/kurt obsession, i am getting the tatoo kurt had (the sheild with the k in it)


and contrary to popular belief, that k in the shield on the tatoo does not stand for kurt, but rather for k records, the first record company to sign nirvana


but of course you knew that leaky  ;)


welcome aboard, glad to have another nirvana obsessed fan on DD... i'm not the only one anymore!

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LEAKY i'm so glad you're on dd  :D


you truly appreciate my tatoo visison as a tribute to kurt/nirvana, other people just think it's stupid *sigh* ignoramouses..


and did you know that french fries were kurt's favorite food and he burnt his hand trying to make them in a fryer at home?


just more useless kurt knowledge


here's a question, what was the name of kurt's gf that inspired the song "about a girl"

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That'd be the wonderful Tracy Marauder, about how thery would argue about the share of rent and housework he should do around the house.


Okay question:


What does the large white sticker Kurt had on his most famous guitar say?


What's your fave song by the way? Difficult I know but just have a stab at it.

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Chieftan - your order is different, but im with ya on that list.  Youre still a bigger Alice in Chains fan than me ("Im...the man..IN THE BOX"), but otherwise id call it pretty similar.  Still want nine inch nails up there tho.

Tho for 90's hip-hop, i still love old NY shit like Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Eric B & Rakim, and still my favorite old group, Tribe Called Quest.  They all did some of their best shit in the early 90's.

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Well... goddammit... that just complicates EVERYTHING now...   I mean, I go and mention what I thought were some great bands of the 90's and Kee says...  :plain: ... I mean... SHIT MAN!  What the hell am I supposed to do now?  Now I've gotta go change my whole perspective on auditory stimuli, dammit.  What's a guy to do?  I say "BBD", he says  :plain: .  It's fucking heartbreaking.

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i always though oasis was a beatles rip off


I wouldn't worry too much about whether they're rip-offs or not, just whether they're any good or not!! :sly:  I always piss off SoF with this one but aside from the first two average albums, I don't rate them in any way!! To paraphrase Bill Hicks:


Kos's quick capsule review, PIECE OF SHIT......"But do they sound too much like the Beatles?".....NO NO NO!!! You've forgotten how to judge these thing, PIECE OF SHIT, NOW WALK AWAY!!!


You happen to see where I left my oversized spoon SoF?!  :D

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PIECE OF SHIT......"But do they sound too much like the Beatles?".....NO NO NO!!! You've forgotten how to judge these thing, PIECE OF SHIT, NOW WALK AWAY!!!

"Satan squatted, let out a loaf, they put a fuckin title on it, put it in a marquee..."

Christ, i sometime forget how much i love Bill Hicks.  Once again, somethin i wasnt aware of that Preacher introduced me to....the man was a sage.  KOS, how'd you hear of him?

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I wouldn't worry about forgetting IC, as long as I'm around there'll be some Bill Hicks quotes floating around, especially since I have no originality myself.  :D


Heard Bill on BBC Radio1, the same station that ran Blue Jam, MLB'll know the DJ, Mary-Anne Hobbs. She played a couple of clips, My Parents from Dangerous split into two. It stuck with me a while and one day in a record and video store I spotted a Bill video and picked it up. Got the Dangerous Cd and the Revelations vid at a later time. Read Preacher a little after that....

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AAAARGH....too.....many....songs....whole....fucking...decade....still hate you SoF....


Alphabetical, not order of preference, took me long enough thus far! Lemme know what youse think...


1. Air - All I Need

2. Altern8 - Evapor8

3. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

4. At The Drive-in - Rascuache

5. Atari Teenage Riot - Kids Are United

6. Bjork - Hyper-Ballad

7. Blur - Song 2

8. Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet/Setting Sun

9. CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter

10. David Holmes - Don't Die Just Yet


11. Depeche Mode - In Your Room

12. DJ Shadow - High Noon

13. Dubstar - Stars

14. Eels - Not Ready Yet/Last Stop This Town

15. Faith No More - Epic

16. Faithless - If Loving You Is Wrong/Insomnia

17. Felix - Don't You Want Me

18. Fluke - Absurd/Atom Bomb

19. Foo Fighters - This Is A Call/Everlong

20. Fun Loving Criminals - Scooby Snacks


21. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea

22. Garbage - Push It/Only Happy When It Rains

23. Green Day - When I Come Around

24. Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

25. Idlewild - When I Argue I See Shapes

26. Korn - Got The Life

27. Lamb - Gorecki

28. Les Rhythms Digitales - Sometimes

29. Lush -Hypocrite

30. Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug


31. Nirvana - Breed/Lithium

32. Offspring - Self Esteem

33. Opus 3 - When You Made The Mountain

34. Orbital - Satan/Halcyon

35. Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution

36. Pixies - Rock Music/Dig For Fire

37. Praga Kahn - Injected With A Poison

38. Prodigy - 3 Kilos/Wind It Up

39. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

40. Rocket From The Crypt - On A Rope


41. Scheer - Shea/I Wish You Were Dead

42. SL2 - On A Ragga Tip

43. Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

44. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

45. Supergrass - Richard III

46. Therapy? - Screamager

47. Underworld - Moaner/Cowgirl

48. Utah Saints - Something Good

49. Wannadies - Hit

50. 808 State - In Your Face



I have too much time on my hands...

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KOS i think i found your giant spoon!! its up MY ass!!  :D


Some good calls there, don't agree with your prodigy choice, but its a good list anyway!! :D


Definately agree with the satan call!! That song is so good live!!


Actually i was just trawling through my CDs there and i came across "Chicane - Saltwater ft Maire Brennan of Clannad" what a f******* "CHOON" that is.


Any other contenders for best dance track ever let me know what y'all think!!


But that'd be up there in my top five





Edited for comedic value! How'd you like them apples?!

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