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I've been asked to make a list of download lists for anime and manga (which I guess I should do over in the Fantastic Forum?). I'll be working on it when I can, but in the meantime, if there are any series requests, ask (just direct download, direct site viewing, or torrent requests, 'cause those're what I know), and I'll look for it.


If you have any yourself, post them here, and I'll update the first post of this thread to include it with the links.

The ongoing list:



http://www.animesuki.com/ (links to domestically licensed anime removed)


http://www.demonoid.com/ (registration required)(limited registration)


Direct downlods:

http://www.fansub.tv/ (download time variable, torrents available. Licensed anime removed)

http://www.national-anime.com/ (registration required, daily downloads provided and stay generally a week)

http://www.animeground.com/ (one series per month. This month its Hikaru no Go. There are +/- 449 ep.)

http://www.animeotaku.info/ (registration and posting necessary on the forum to get download tickets. large selection, fast downloads, many links are available in forum threads. A good site, but a lot of work)




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Had one to add:


Stoptazmo - the one Ly showed me where im reading Death Note off of, theyve got a great deal of other manga there as well.

Ah, but that's what the manga links thread's for in the Fantastic Forum. I just added that and some online viewing sites (just MSN group sites thus far).

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Where's my spider-cooze link?

Wicked City's not bad, but I keep getting it mixed up with Demon City Shinjuku.


I'm sure I'l regret asking, but spider-cooze?


Forgot to mention this last month, but the new series at www.animeground.com/ this month is Hikaru no Go. This is a competition anime about the game of go, and a ghost from the Heian era of Japan (go is a strategy board game, frequently compared to chess). Surprisingly, for the subject, this is a good series (I swear that competition anime can make almost any subject interesting). I suggest you guys check it out.

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I just downloaded one called Monster that got a lotta hype; review forthcomi...shit, this isnt manga forum.

No, but it is an anime, too. Either way, I've heard good shit about it. I think MH and CJ have watched it.

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Oh, and sorry for hi-jacking this thread :eh:

S'all right.


You should watch some other series, too.


Seires was sad to be good and dark, im lookin forward to it. Is the anime ongoing, or done, Ly?


2T: you sure youre feelin alright, man...? :secret::eh:

Not sure if it finished or not (I think so).

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Hey guys want actual streaming, free, speedily subbed anime along with access to a crapton of old and new shows?




Used to be a bunch of douchebag bootleggers basically, kept even licensed shit on their website, and pissed off a whole lot of folk. In 2008 they got a capital investment, and now actually have secured rights to release stuff subbed on their site that isn't even available on DVD here yet, heck they even simulcast shows from Japan, subbed. Pretty cool. They got rid of all of the illegal shit off their site, and now run on a ad and subscription based model. With membership you get higher quality streams, as well as quicker access to new shows. You can also purchase episodes for about $2 each, which depending on the release is a pretty fair price for anime.


Not to mention they subbed all of Fist of the North Star TV! ALL OF IT! And they have Harlock and Galaxy Express 999. Props to them.

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best hope for a series that big, they offer deals in the future for buying in bulk, $2 an ep isnt bad for say a 26 ep series but FotNS is 152 episodes. Christ it's longer than Gatchaman!

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