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Winter Soldier V.S. Winter Soldier- the topic noone wants to discuss

Winter Soldier V.S. Winter Soldier  

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So, I still love the idea that Cap's most dangerous enemy was at one time his best-friend, but lately I don't know what Brubaker is trying to do with him! Maybe he's gonna snap outta whatever shit he's in, but if I had anything to do with it I'd keep him a villian! What do y'all think? Nick, Skeet, NT, and whoever accidently stumbles in here?

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This is a poll...?


There's no good stories to write with Bucky WS reforming other than Cap losing him all over again, and that's been done to death. I like him as someone who resents his past on all fronts. Someone who's probably inherently good, but with all the bad he's done & the ways he's been manipulated is just like 'fuck it. What's the point?'. I know this kinda sends things back to the grim & gritty 80's but the character just can-fucking-not be well adjusted. And if we could avoid making him a Wolverine knock-ff that'd be super too. I'm thinking something like Deadpool in the Palmiotti days, A merc trying to reconsile himself with his past & just trynna balance the karmic scale(sans the humour of course).

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Eh, it depends. I too wish he'dve stayed a villian longer, at least theyre having fun ret-conning him into more of Marvel's dirty work.

Skeet's thinkin the same taht i am tho, i dont believe he's long for this wolrd if he stays good, gotta go out a champ and all that...i kinda wish he'dve maintained a dark angle to him, not quite the punisher but kinda like...

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Just something like that, something that'd really put him still at ends with Cap...given what he's been through, id buy it too.

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