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you know some cd's have hidden messages or secret songs? time to expose some of them here on DD, i hope we can have a good list of secret songs going, without further ado i'll start


1.) Nirvana, "Nevermind" at the very end there is a song called "Endless Nameless" after the last track on the album, you have to wait a good 2 minutes before it'll come on, but it's there nonetheless


2.) Everclear "So Much for the Afterglow" at the end of the last track there is a song called "i will be hating you for christmas"


3.) A classic, if you play Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" on the third lion roar of the MGM lion on "the wizard of oz" some parts will line up.  here's a good site about the "dark side of the moon" "wizard of oz" phenomenon



many more to come.. please add on..

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Good idea.


1)I forget which one (help me out here, Junker) but one of the older Green Day albums - think it was Dookie? - had a hiden track way at the end, great lil ditty called "I was all by myslef", i believe.


2)NIN - Broken (the classic follow-up to Pretty Hate Machine, an album everyone should own) has 2 "easter eggs" as i recall - tracks 98 & 99, lil while after the 6th track ends, have "Physical (You're So)" and "Suck".


Ill see if i can recall/dig up s'more.

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How about the latest from Blink 182? I don't know the name of the song, but it goes something like this:


:D (fast tempo)

" Suckin,and fuckin, and touchin

suckin, and fuckin, and touchin

suckin, and fuckin, and touchin...

It's mother's day!


Or how about:

:D (fast tempo)

" Shit, piss,fuck, cunt, cock sucker, mother fucker, shit,fart, dirt, and twat...(3X's)

I fucked your mom!!!

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um.. are you talking about the secret drummer song off of "dookie?"


some more


another classic one is...


the cover of sgt. pepper's lonely heart's club band.. and of course if you play "a day in the life" back words it says "paul's dead, paul's dead, paul's dead" hence the conspiracy theory that Paul Macartney actually died in a car crash, and that a look alike named William Campbell replaced him..but that's getting into urban legends..


more to come... (yawn) i have to get up early and i'm so fucking tired right now.. i'll think of some more tommorow


i'm actually atempting to be a moderater here.. how am i doing? (i feel like i'm posting one of those stickers that says "how is my driving?")


oh and alita, no worries, as long as i am one of the people moderating i don't get offended easily. be as controversial as you want to be. censorship blows. also i won't delete anybody else's thread who posts it under culture, no matter how stupid i may think it is..

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on americana (offspring) there's a mariachi version of "pretty fly for a white guy."


on around the fur (deftones), you have to fast-forward like 30 minutes to get the secret track "damone."


on adrenaline (" "), there's an unlisted track called "swords" after track 9... or 10  :thinking:


on blue (3eb), you have to go like 40 minutes or something to reach "red summer sun"...




commenting again on follow the leader, you have to go like 10 minutes to get a cover of "earache my eye," with fieldy singing and jon on drums.  f'ing hilarious  :D

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Ah, hidden tracks rock.  Yeah, on dookie there's that nasty secret song


"I was alone

I was all by myself

noone was lookin

I was thinking of you

oh yeah did I mention

I was all by myself

I went to your house

but noone was there

I went in your room

I was all by myself"


that's what I remember anyways, correct me if I'm wrong


I agree with nick on the two on "Broken" they kick ass... Suck is one of my favorite NIN songs.  And it's good to know that someone else has 3eb's second cd def....


Also, on the cd Undertow, tool has an awesome song called "Disgustipated" as a hidden track.... great stuff.


"This, is , neccesarry, this, is ,neccesary, life, feeds on life, feeds on this is neccesary... etc ect" ya gotta hear it to appreciate it really, it's great.  


"Opiate" their first EP has a cool, yet weird as hell  hidden track too

"I had a friend once who took some acid, now he thinks he's a fire truck, it's ok, untill he pisses on your lighter, kinda smells kinda cool kinda funny anyways... satan satan satan...."


One of my favorite staind songs is a hidden track, "Black rain." It's my favorite staind song next to "Epiphany" from their second cd.


Also, the counting crows have a GREAT one on "This Desert Life" I think, "kid things" after "St. Robinson in his cadillac dream" (one of my favorites on the cd)  


"what's that that makes you wanna be lonely,

what's that that keeps you sittin at home,

he'd always say no no no as if he wanted you to be hungry,

well the same things your missin can get you into somehtin else

What's there that makes you want to be lonely

What's there to keep you sitting at home

He'd always say no no no as if he wanted you to be hungry

Better leave when to stay is only

nothing but being alone

what I wanted you to know

is Kid things

seemed like nothing at all"


there's a lot more stuff I could prolly think of, just gotta be less tired and more sober to do so........ so I I'll post later maybe

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Yeah I remember the one on Jagged little pill. It's kind of scary.  


I was getting confused.  I was thinking of that one but for some reason I thought it was the Boys 2 men CD.  But that wouldn't make any sense then. :D

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Best secret track (other than 'Endless Nameless') has to be off Ash's '1977'.


It basically consists of a tape recording of Rick from the band throwing up after coming back after a heavy night drinking and the rest of the band standing around pissing themselves.

Really good, especially when Tim Wheeler exclaims in Irish accent,


"That's fucking amazing, oh my God that is disgusting..."

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The hidden 'track' on Super Furry Animals 'Guerilla' Album is apparently called 'Citizens Band' and lasts all of 5 seconds: Drum intro, Sings "That's right don't go chewin' gum"...ends! There's also a good instrumental hidden on Beck's 'Midnite Vultures' (I have a Jap CD version, i'm not sure if it's just on this, MLB?) Also on Beck, anyone got the CD of 'Mellow Gold' with hidden track, apparently some were issued with it and some without when it was released! I have neither 'cause i got the vinyl, anyway what's it like anyone?

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Paradigm Shift yay yay yay


i think their drummer is the hottest thing since sliced bread  :blush:


um, too bad he thought i hated him... when you told me that i was like "but i think dave is one of the cooler guys @ vanden!!


too bad, i don't think i'm his type, i'm nothing like Taylor Perkins..


yes support local bands, hey they could get up like  Papa  Roach.. (cough..whoop..cough..)


on a Veruca Salt album there is a secret song.. um.. i have to find the cd somewhere


and for all you Vacavillians, i'm sure ms. "i date the guitar player from paridigm shift" over there can tell you more dates,


but isn't paridigm shift playing @ splitfire on April 4.. (they have a big ad up on the window @ baci)


and Big Bad Voodo Daddy is @ the V-PAT on April 6th.. *even tho it's a major gip for $34 ticket.. *


Joan Jett @ Dixon May Fair


and there's more.. Juliana Theory is coming back to Sacto..but unfortunately i think i'll be out of the country when they're back..


if i find out any FL concerts, i'll post them (like the CAKE concert back in Feb...)

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Yeah, I'm into the local band thing too, we got a few good ones over here.  A bunch here have made it somewhat big, Nonpoint, Darwin's Waiting room, and Crease made it kinda big, the one I'm excited about tho is Twice the Sun, those other bands that made it were just alright, but I think these guys are really damned good, they're gonna be playing on a local stage on the day that Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring, Third Eye Blind, Slick Rick, And Method Man play in this absolutely badass festival that's on april 13.  I couldn't see any reason to miss this show anyways, so you might as well, show up a bit early at 2pm to catch TWS.

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