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New Idlewild Video!

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Hey MLB, just caught the tail end of the video for 'You held the world in your arms' on MTV2, man you got to get yourself Sky Digital! It's not up on their site yet.


As far as I saw it featured:

Speeded up footage of a young couple's day, don't know if there's any story to it, probably not.

Roddy Woomble singing on a bus!

The band in a pub, also sped up and I think I saw Bob Fairfoull with shoulder-length hair and a quite fetching beard!


That's all I know, it's got me even more hyped! Then I looked on their site and they're not playing Ireland on the tour...NOOOOOOOOO!!! :0  When you interview them can you bring them to task! If I want to see them live (and obviously I do) I'd have to pay at least the equivalent of stg£34 to get over to England, that makes the concert pretty steep indeed! :dissappointed:

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Slight correction: From their official site (Idlewild.co.uk):

Although nothing is confirmed at the moment, Idlewild will almost definitely be touring in America, Europe and Japan with the forthcoming album.


Keep it here for all the latest info!


Can you ask them when you see 'em if they'll be playing Ireland? Pleeeease? :dissappointed:

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I'll ask 'em, somebodies gotta give them a swift slap in the face.


Bit jealous about the video, gonna have to wait till its on the site because videos never get shown on terrestrial tv. Thats what Channel 4 needs, a hald hour of cool new music videos, I'm writing to 'em. They gotta sort themselves out.  :D

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