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The Best Comic Book EVER!?

Ganny McVagflaps

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I... I have no words for this... I... Tears of joy are streaming down my face... even Ash vs. Re-Animator and Darkman vs. Army of Darkness TOGETHER didn't excite me as much as this. Kind of sucks that it's a prequel because that means Ash won't be duking it out with the A-listers like zombie Wolvie, Spidey, or Colonel America. He'll get like Zombie D-Man and Zombie Cipher. This also worries me a bit, if Ash ends up dying then I'ma burn this mother down.


I also see there's a prequel and a sequel in the works. Hopefully this idea doesn't go stale. And yes I realize I was one of the main critics of this idea to begin with but even Kirkman said in the forward the graphic novel that the idea was a bit gimicky. If the other three books can match the awesomeness then I'm all for it. Zombies + Spider-Man + Ash man toss some Spartans in there and Panch's head would explode.

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