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Emoticonize a few bands!

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How many bands/artists can you emoticonize? I'll see how many I can thing of:


:D = The Poice

:D = The Wings

:heart: = Heart

:D = Love


:irish: = U2

:D = Pink Floyd

:weed: = The Grateful Dead

:yy: = Nirvana

:jay: -Z = Jay-Z

:chef: = Issac Hayes

:mexican: :D = Santana

:afro: :D = Jimi Hendrix

Was gonna put guns n roses, but there's no flower emoticon so here's the next best thing: :shoot: N' :weed: = Guns N' Roses


That's all I can think of now, and let's see if anyone can come up with something creative.

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Heh... :D MLB, cute.

:D - Marvin Gaye

:kodama: - Reggae? maybe just for me.

:r2d2: - John Williams

:kitty: - Lords of Acid

:D - Pig, as in Pig vs KMFDM in the battle for global domination

:monkey: - Devo?

:D - Elvis

:catinthehat: - Marilyn Manson...looks like a dope hat.

:D - Doors

:D - boybands

:embarrassed: - those boyband songs on my drive

:D - eh, metal as a whole.

:D - Jodeci, 112, etc

:D - Kid Rock

:wasabi: - J-Pop

:arrow: - Bjork

:D - Rage Against the Machine

:spot: - Miles Davis?

:D - Ray Park Jr

:D - Drinkin music, whatever works for you: Pogues for Preacher folk, 3rd Eye Blind for Yahven, etc

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:kodama: = White Zombie

:D :D = Van Halen (Hot for teacher, or running con :D if you prefer).

:optimus: = Techno in general

:D = Missy Elliot

:D = ...the Beatles?

:ssj: = For some reason, i think of David Bowie.

cmon folks help me out here....

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Pretty good all around so far...

:werd: - Snoop Doggy Dogg

:D - Aphex Twin

:wary: - Garbage "I think i'm paranoid"

:dissappointed: - Pink Floyd "If ya dont eat ya meat, ya cant have any pudding! how can ya have your pudding if ya dont eat your meat!?"

:D - DJ Rap


I still think my :arrow: Bjork one was great.

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solider of fortune, I already had Issac Hayes. And DA JUDGE, good call on the Rush emoticons. Rush IS a band with the ability to convey a wide range of emotions in their music. Cheers.


:D = Ray Charles

:D = Ozzy?

:D = Kenny G


My favorite so far has been IC's :D Vs :r2d2: . That was clever. I'd liek to see more like that one.

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Woohoo! We got more new emoticons! This is a major developement on thsi thread! Now I can finally have a complete band!


:D :D :D


:D :D :D


Why those headbangers have their back to the stage is beyond me! Anyway, more emoticonized bands.


:D :kitty: :butterfly: :snail: :cow: = The Animals

:monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: = The Monkees

:D :D :p :0 ;) = Men Without Hats

:scared: = Tears For Fears

:smurf: :smurf: :smurf: = Blue Man Group

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I like Collins even without Genesis, but i know im kinda on m'own there.

Ha...good ones Jack, nice band ya got there too.

:D = Nada Surf "Popular"

:D = Shakira

:nurse: = Blink 182?

:frontman: = Zach De La Rocha

:kenny: G

:smurf: = Eifel 65

:D = Bloodhound Gang "The drummer from Def Leperd's only got one arm!"

:D = Wu-Tang Clan

:stabbed: = fans at Limp Bizkit concert

:wineo: = Doors "Alabama Song"..fuck i just wanted to use that smiely, too.

:D :D  :D  :sneaky:  ;)  :sly: = The truth about boybands.  Thank you and good-nite.

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Some good one's there Ic (a few are a stretch). I like my Blue Man Group better than your Eifel 65, and the :frontman: isn't angry enough to be De La Rocha. :kenny: G was the best one. I likened it to my :jay: Z. Here's more:


:doctor: Dre = Dr Dre

:D = ughh...are there any good french musicans?

:D minus "Ku" = Foo Fighters?

:blossom: :bubbles: :buttercup: = TLC? Destiny's Child maybe?

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:D = Chumbawumba?

:crossbones: = Poison

:D = REM

:D :D = Dream Theater

:D :butterfly: = Iron Butterfly (a tank was the closest thing to iron there was)

:unclesam: = America

:new: :D = New Order

:D :railgun: = Smashmouth?

:D :D :D :frontman: = Talking Heads


wow, most of these have been kind of a stretch since most of the ones that make good sense have already been posted, but a few of those, including the Poison one, are IMHO pretty good. PS the REM one is in reference to REM standing for Rapid Eye Movement, which is the defining element of deep sleep or dream sleep. I think REM are anything but boring.

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