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Ganny McVagflaps

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I'm sure this is covered in the FAQ, but I'd prefer not to get AIDS so I'll ask you here (feel free to crap shack after) - I understand why You and now Jax and MH are green, but what do the other colors mean? Me and Arch are red (which I guess plays into our Republican styles), Silent Bob is purple...etc. What's the system?

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man, i guess i gotta add that to it then, that's like the 3rd question on this recently.


Red was originally for the Preacher's Group, of course the rethuglicans took it as well when they moved in. Green now designates admins, with the exception of the lime green from the original Grassy Knoll, for them.

there's rhyme & reason for others, but mostly its just to vary color so people like myself can spot groups easily, and keep things varied.

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