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Women in (Men's) Sports

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"She shouldn't be here. I know that sounds sexist but I am sexist. This is not park football, so what are women doing here? We have a problem in this country with political correctness - bringing women into the game is not the way to improve refereeing and officialdom. If you start bringing in women you have big problems. It is tokenism for the politically correct idiots."

Luton manager Mike Newell blames assistant referee Amy Rayner for the 3-2 defeat by QPR. Just say what you think, Mike.


In light of the above comments, in the English Football league women are now being given roles to play, such as assistant refs, 4th official etc.


Obviously this raises a bigger debate, should mens sports be left as that or should we bow to political correctness and mix it up.


I remember a few years ago Sepp Blatter, CEO of Fifa said that women should wear sports bra type tops and hot pants in order to increase the popularity of womens soccer.


This is obviously not just restricted to football...


This probably should go in culture, but one of our drunken deputies can look after that if they deemed appropriate.

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I reckon this is ok here in Sports.


Blaming hi lose of the fact that the ref is a jaiknee? This is lame and he's a retard. Even if the lady ref did make a bad call, it's typical bigotry toassociate bad experiences with a group to reinforce bad stereotype. For example, if you believe women are not cut out for the world of sports, when a male ref makes a bad call, then he just made a bad call, but when a woman ref makes a bad call, it's bacause she's a woman, and idiot bigotry is reinforce. If you believe black people have poor vision, then white refs can make tons of bad calls, but whena black ref makes a bad call, it's cause his choclate eys can't see in the low light. No member of any minority group should be responsible for being representative of their whole group, especially when any mistake they make is attributed to their membership of that group, and people are constantly looking for reinforcement of prejustices.

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