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Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

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Here's what amazon said


Amazon.co.uk Review

Snow Patrol are frequently compared to Coldplay in the press, which seems strange as they write far better songs and do not appear to be quite so self-hating, nor as rich. Their delightfully dour little pop songs do touch on the melancholic side of things, but the lyrics are wonderfully slice-of-life descriptions. Singer/lyricist Gary Lightbody gives a shout-out to Sufjan Stevens when on the punchy "Open Your Eyes" he sings, "The anger swells in my guts." Perhaps a better comparison would be American indie-rock act Sebadoh? Regardless, this band continues to surprise. If you went to see this mixed Scottish/Irish group on tour after hearing their wistful, breakout third album Final Straw, you might have been a bit confused by the rock juggernaut confronting you. Eyes Open is their most straightforwardly rock record yet, and thanks in large part to producer Garret Lee, it's their best. If there was ever perfect music to get lost to while driving around confused about a relationship, this is it. --Mike McGonigal



Fourth studio album from British rock band Snow Patrol. This is the follow up to 2004's multi-platinum selling record 'Final Straw'. Produced by Garret 'Jacknife' Lee, the album was recorded in an isolated cottage in Ireland. Includes the single 'You're All I Have'. This version also features two bonus tracks.


Never really got too much into them myself, but i have this and Final Straw, and i must admit i like it. I prefer this album though.


Anyone else hear this yet?




1. You're All I Have

2. Hands Open

3. Chasing Cars

4. Shut Your Eyes

5. It's Beginning To Get To Me

6. You Could Be Happy

7. Make This Go On Forever

8. Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright

9. Headlights On Dark Roads

10. Open Your Eyes

11. Finish Line

12. Untitled

13. In My Arms

14. Warmer Climate


Stand out tracks for me personally are 1, 3, 10 and 2, but overall its a good album, can easily listen to it the whole way through without skipping tracks


:ghost: :ded: :music: :music: / 5

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Woah, am I late on this one! I got this CD because I forgot to decline my monthly CD Selection off of BMG and I knew "Chasing Cars" because of "Grey's Anatomy".


I don't know if they are big over here, like I said--I pretty much got this CD by mistake back in April...


I like it. My favorite song is, "Set The Fire To The Third Bar"...love the words and Martha Wainwright's voice harmonizes so well with the lead singer's...the video is good as well...


Me gusta! I give it :2T::???::music: :music: /5

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