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New Name for this forum


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How about;


"Nest of Maya's Minstrels"


Maya is the Vedic Goddess of the illusion, perception, change.

What better patron goddess could there be for the turbulent world of modern music?  Isn't music itself a fine weaving of poetry and aural illusion?  


Anyway, I think it's better than "Musicians Anonymous."


Any other suggestions? :thinking:

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Not bad...this is tricky.

I agree with Yahven in that if were gonna keep usin the deity thing, we should try other mythologies (ie egyptian, babylonian, indian, norse etc), and yet the reference cant be too obscure either.

What does everyone else think?  Music, Culture,  and maybe even the forum Bar (not the bars within it tho, i like their names) could use new names, so lets hear em....i might just copy this to Stonehenge & ask the board from there.

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I mentioned this before but I still like it:


"Live at the Apollo"


Apollo's the God of music and one of the biggest players (not playas) in Greek mythology. I know there's already loads of Greek mythology about but I don't know any other Gods of music? ???


I presume everywhere has an Apollo concert venue so I like the way it's universal and works even if people don't get the reference. 'Maya's Minstrels' sounds interesting but a bit obscure.

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I'm not sure about the Apollo reference. I'm pretty sure his main role is as God of the Sun.  besides that, isn't "Live at the 'Apollo'" more famous as a late-night comedy showcase, not a music scene?


I'll double check on the Apollo thing and get back to you.


Basically, music is a bad subject to try to get away from the greek pantheon on.  The greek mythology is the only one that actually has a well-known arts/music component (i.e. the Nine Muses).  If you really want to go for  a deity associated with music, we'd better choose a muse from the Greek pantheon.  Otherwise, we're just going to have to make something stretch.

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ok, so I checked on Apollo.  Yeah, principally, he's the god of the sun, but he is also credited along with the muses for the presences of harpers and minstrels upon the earth in Hesiod.


So, yeah, Apollo could be a pretty good benefactor for this forum.  But I think we should avoid the "Live at the Apollo" reference, personally.  I think it covers too broad an area of popular culture to really focus well on music.  We need something more music-specific.


Apollo would make a good patron.  Any other Apollo-related ideas?


Any other music deities?  Anyone?  Anyone? :D

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I thought Helios was the Sun god and Apollo was principally god of music but was a god of light too? Didn't know about the comedy showcase thing, that's shit.


I think Apollo would be a great patron, I'd mentioned him before but couldn't come up with any names?  :thinking:

The 'Live at the Apollo' thing came about cos I told IC I wanted to use Apollo but couldn't think of a name so he said he'd have to call it 'Amateur night at the Apollo'! If I can think of a better name I'll post it, any other suggestions?

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Yeah, but i was kiddin...

Again, i say we try to explore other mythologies: Norse, Egyptian, Indian, Babylonian, etc.   hell, i like hte idea of Hondo's as a bar 'cause of the American West mythological element of it.

Ill look up music gods later....cmon people, i know you people know some of this shit, or at least a good music name.  :D

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I thought Helios was the Sun god and Apollo was principally god of music but was a god of light too? Didn't know about the comedy showcase thing, that's shit.

Yeah, stupid americans.  Just like us to ruin a perfectly good forum name by corrupting it with TV.


Anyway, helios is the god of the sun, but his origins are from outside of greece, even though he is a member of the greek pantheon.  Apollo is the god of light, true.  however, he is so often associated with the sun that helios is often overshadowed by apollo.  (forgive my noncapitalization... yahve's shift key is finicky).  But yeah, cool.  You're right.  I had to look in different references.  a couple of places had Apollo pegged as sun god, but I finally found one that had more than two sentences about him, and they call him the god of music and light.  Interesting.

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I think its funny that Athena went lookin for a music deity in Norse mythology & only found warriors...says a lot bout the culture :shoot: :D

Again, there's still Egyptian and others, must look up more stuff later, but in the meantime keep the suggestions comin folks.

PS GIR...what's that in your feet?

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Ok, so I found two other pantheons with music deities:  Egytian and Aztec.  But I bet you can't pronounce them either.



In Egyptian mythology, the son of Hathor, who was worshipped in Dendera with her and Horus-Behdety. Like his mother, Ihy was a god of music and dancing, and was always depicted as a child bearing a sistrum.  




'Five Flower'. The Aztec god of music and dance. It is actually another name for Xochipilli.



Xochipilli ("Flower Prince") is the Aztec god of flowers, maize, love, games, beauty, song and dance. He is the husband of Mayahuel and the twin brother of Xochiquetzal. He is also referred to as Macuilxochitl, which means "five flowers". Xochipilli is depicted with a stick of which the sharp tip penetrates a human heart.  



Oh, and check this out:

A Lakota Indian myth, I think.


Big Twisted Flute

A cedar carved, five stop (finger holes) flute in the shape of a twisted headless horse said to possess magical power. When played it evokes a powerful love charm to entice a mate. The shaman composed exclusive music for it. These flutes generated a haunting melody, difficult to resist.  



Maybe we should just call the music forum

"Big Twisted Flute"




Ok, back to webresearching. :D

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  • 1 month later...

I'd still like to see a name that pays tribute to Rush, but isn't something only Rush fans would like. The Spirit Of Radio? Different Hearts Beat On Different Strings? Anthem Of The Heart? Oh well, I know that if you guys know it a rush reference, it's be shot down anyway....

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You might very well find the song wanky, but you can't judge it from that one line. That's like saying: "I'm as free as a bird, now" that's wanky! That's freebird, a brilliant non-wanky song. Lyrics taken out of context can often seem wanky. Well, here's the lyrics to the songs from which that line comes from, Different Strings. Wanky it might or might not be, but judge it based ont eh lyrics in context.


Who's come to slay the dragon?

Come to watch him fall?

Making arrows out of pointed words,

Giant killers at the call?

Too much fuss and bother,

Too much contradiction and confusion.

Peel away the mystery,

Here's a clue to some real motivation.


All there really is,

The two of us

And we both know why we've come along.

Nothing to explain,

It's a part of us

To be found within a song.


What happened to our innocence,

Did it go out of style?

Along with our naïveté,

No longer a child.

Different eyes see different things,

Different hearts beat on different strings.

But there are times

For you and me, when all such things agree.

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Again, Freebird's my song (tho i also go for Marty Robbins "Gonna be a Cowboy" or Kid Rock's "American Badass"), but if the forum's title was "Im as free as a bird, now" that too'd seem wanky.  Single, misplaced lines of lyrics do that...my favorite use to this day is "KissthisGuy.com", the archive of misinterpreted lyrics.

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Well thats alot less wanky than other Rush lyrics I've seen, out of context though I still think that one line sounds wanky.

The line from Freebird sounds ok, but if it was a forum title it'd be a different story.



Misinterpretted lyrics are cool, used to think The Pixies - Caribou had a bit that went:



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