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Upgrading Hondo's software


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So, a select few of you like knowing about the board's insides, or specifically, what new abilities the next version of its software will bring. And since everyone participates & many donate, i put it out there for all 3 that look at this stuff.


IPB 2.1 is supposedly due out sometime around the summer, but i havent seen a specific date yet. It's gonna bring a few new options some of us might find useful, such as multiple polls in one thread (Jax's head might asplode), and now, bolding/italics/etc will be done the same way you would in hotmail or word, by highlighting text and just hitting a button; i figure some might dig that.


For the coders, this page outlines what's coming up specifically, but the more causual user might enjoy this page of video clips showing the new features at work, check em out & post on what you think.

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Well, IPB 2.1 is ready, so im gonna put in the order to have our server upgrade our software, see what the newest version brings....being that im not on as much these days, im relying on you guys to point out any bugs you might find or if, you know, the ugprade somehow eats our board or something.


Bear with it, it looks to bring some cool new features.

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ok, so there'll be a slight delay.


While the new version has easier bolding, italics, etc (think: how you write in MS Word), plus some fun hacks already out - who's been on today, a wee arcade of classic games, etc - we'll lose all our skins/customization until adaquate replacements are out.

So, im holding out until i see at least a few of our current ones re-made/updated for the new version (happens a lot with big upgrades). Ill let you guys know when were makin the movie.

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Has it now? See, im not always round, so if there's heavy lag, or downtime, i need someone to lemme know (TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com or just about anything @hondosbar.com), so i can bitch at our server - theyre expanding a lot lately, so its been happening.

Right now its smooth, but you were on closer to primetime....anyway, lemme know, but yeah, new board software wont change that (i havnet updated nothin yet), that's all the server.

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Youre right, that is pretty exciting. You know what? Fuck it, i say we upgrade & make the place look different. It sucks that i finally have things (basically) looking the way i want them to by the next upgrade, but its how this place stays fresh, too.


Here's what im gonna do, and im gonna need some help here - from our imaging :shady: like dante, MH, MM, etc and even regular members...


1) that pirate skin will be our (arr) town square one, i think. I considered the pubs, but weve got a lotta :pirate: love, so town square it is - what i need is for someone to take a look at that logo i linked to.

Notice the "your forum name" bit? I dont know how to change that without it looking like ass, because i only know paint ( :dunce: )

There's a lotta new skins i think i can really make work, i just need someone to toss up logos in a certain font...shouldnt be too hard, i hope.


2) Go check out our Pimp Hand forum....for the few that dont know, that's 2Track up there in the porn ad. I want more stuff like that....not the porn, member faces on skins.

i.e., SOF, KOS & the guys drinking at a pub for an image fitted for the pubs forum logo, things like that where its appropriate. Im very happy with most of the logos we have for our forums (put some work into them), but despite what i thought, many dont dig the current pubs one, and i think itd be cool to see a few of our boys sharing a pint for the new skin, whatever it may be.


Otherwise...again, spoiler tags & such are now ready, so if i get some more free time soon, im really thinking of upgrading us, might be cool. What do you guys think of these ideas, can we do them?

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They just realeased a newer version, patched for bugs & such, so im lookin to make the move soon, most likely late next week after school finishes up.


SOF/Jont/KOS/etc - can you fellas send me a good pub shot of you guys drinking? I want to make some kind of banner for it for our new pubs skin.

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why do you people hate the F.A.Q. so...?


after 1,000, youre entitled to start (or join) a member group, with your choice of its color at the bottom, onna member list (some restrictions apply). Id say you get a pip image (like, where my shit has a admin cowboy) but ive no idea how to alter them half the time, so lets not kid ourselves.


Hondo's 3.0: coming in the next few weeks....drop your suggestions, people, especially on The Member Lounge idea.

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So, its that special time of the year(s) where ive got everything looking more or less the way i want it, so its nearly time to tear it all down and have Hondo's reborn, like a phoenix rising over arizona.


"Why fix shit that aint broke?" you may candidly ask, while eating your miracle whip sammich. Because, dear yokel, outdated software leaves security holes, and you miss out on the following features (full list is here, ill post those i think will matter for us):


Personal Profile Portal:

Invision Power Board 2.2.0 has a totally redesigned portal page with the following features:

Friends list - manage your friends for easier PMing, to see if your friends are currently online and display your friends on your profile

Profile comments - allow visitors to leave comments on your profile. You can set to moderate all new comments before they're shown.

Recent visitors - recent visitors are shown on your profile.

Your content - show your recent posts / blog entries / gallery uploads on your profile

Personal statement - add a short bio for others to read

Member rating - rate other members

Set your gender

Easy access to edit your location, age and IM details


Ive never turned on the portal to this place, as i dindt think itd really get use...its usually a forum's frontpage, instead of our logo one, and i felt having 2 pages to get into the board was excessive.

However, as a side page, these options make it sound like a mini-myspace, and some members might enjoy that.


New Text Editor

New Style

The text editors, both standard and rich text (WYSIWYG) have been completely rewritten to make them more intuitive and faster to load. Clutter has been reduced with the new dynamic menus.


Its sharp, seriously. Its easier to center your text, access smileys, there's even an "insernt acronym' feature for jax, and a fucking spellchecker. Undo, redo buttons; its like using Word now. All they need is to take my suggestion on an autosave featuer (like gmail has).


The attatchment system is now easier on me, and thumbnails will look better for us. the system's easier than it was, for those who somehow found it confusing, depsite sarcasmo's interventons.


There's a ton of links/featues to get me support easier, which is nice.

There's also featuers to make sure all components are up to date, virus scan our board, and a magical RSS feed thing that ive still no idea what that is.


Certain member groups can now be put into "unblockable PM group", meaning even if your mailbox is full, you can receive shit...might be helpful for those of you that dont delete anything, ever.


Member signatures only parsed once per page load in a topic now


i dont know what that means, but it could be good.



Due to the increasing rise of spam bots flooding forums that allow guest posting, and the increasing capabilities of scripts to bypass CAPTCHA protection by parsing the image for the registration code, our CAPTHA output has been updated to make it harder for scripts to read the CAPTCHA code IPB generates (when using GD2).


yesssssss :werewolf:


Remove IPB Version from your Board Footer

You can now easily remove the IPB version from displaying in your board footer by selecting a single setting in the ACP. Often times when a malicious user discovers a reported vulnerability in a given software, such as IPB, they will search for boards with that version - if you do not display the version in your board footer, you will be protected from searches of this nature.


eat it, kesh.


Guests are blocked from viewing poll results when members are required to vote before being able to see the results of a poll


Jax, and other poll-fans will be happy to know this cheat option will soon be gone. Also, there's a "poll only" option now for some reason.


The link to "Manage validating users" was added back to the admin page providing quick/easy access to the validation queue


This will soon matter to Jax and MH both.


Only one email will be sent for topic notifications until you visit again, unless you have your email setting set to send the full post in your topic notifications (in which case you will get a notification for each new post)


(for those that still use this feature)


Enhanced 'mini-profile' drop down when clicking on an author's name in topic view or when reading a PM. This drop down includes the member's photo and current rating


There's apparently a way to rate topics and mebbe posters there too...that should be interesting.


Auto resizing of large linked images

Posted images are automatically resized on-the-fly if they are larger than the available screen width of the browser. Clicking the image displays it full size in a pop-up window. Each reduced image has information above stating how much reduction has taken place and the dimensions of the original image.


Good for hi-rez NSFW hot chick pics.


There's a lotta secuirty measures too which is nothing but good, seeing as how we almost got hacked again recently.


Anyway, that's it for our board. there's new software we could buy to do blogs here or have a gallery (im looking into the later) but that'll wait till im hired on; im already thinking of paying $10/month for 5 gigs of more space later.

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Its all but ready to go. I was waiting on skins, but found almost enough....i just dont have one for pimp hand, sports, or the lyricist lounge yet. the last one wont be hard, but we always have innaprorpiate shit in sports, so i might leave the old one for a bit, tho itll look wonky, assuming it works. Pimp hand shall wait on a sexy purple skin, no doubt a month or two off. Every other corner should be good, im not changing the look up anymore than i have to. That said, like half the skins are blue, so i fucking well hope you like that color.


That said, should have some time next week, so look for a new version of Hondo's sometime, assuming were still open, rent-wise.


off to the sponsor thread :bananaman:

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Hondo's will be upgraded to new software at some random point in the coming days.

It will look kinda crappy for a bit, then when I can, ill shut the place down and get to work on restoring things, after which time it'll re-open and we'll have new features/look. Again, i put the order in just this morning, I dont know when it'll get filled, but here's your fair warning: we'll go down like a lady of the evening, but we'll be back up later that day.

Meantime, uh, you can get started on your new year's resolutions. Or, go sell some things on ebay and donate, it helps us keep our doors open.


Get hyped.

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