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what it was, was a mod that'd go towards the bottm of the main screen (by the other stats, "most ever online", who's online now etc) and whoever made the most new threads today got Member of the Day; barring new topics that day, it was most posts that day. I had it sent for Member of the Week and Month as well; id usually take month, i think, but Day was up for grabs, and people'd compete for it.


again, im always looking for an updated version of it.

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ok, so i had a new idea for this (seeing as how i still cant replace this mod, sadly...)


since ive been hired on & announced that this board wont need as much sponsorship (tho its always appreciated), i was thinking: months when there's no sponsor, we can elect a member to have their name on the front page, based on their contributions that/the prior month. We can make polls of it and such, with donators getting to reserve the month of their choice.


What do you guys think? `

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