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Pictures of celebrities you woudlnt bang


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you get the idea. ill go first.


Sarah Jessica Parker




on no level do i find her attractive. its not entirely for "Sex & The City" tho taht didnt help her cause. I woudlnt even tip her as a waitress, so i really dont get what's hot about her.

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Yeah she's a fucking dog. I dug that brunette from Sex and the City though. She's old and shit, but fuck it. Maybe she hasn't had much cockinass so you could use it as "Grampa 2track's Famous Second Vagina".


That doesn't mean I wouldn't bang her though, I'd do it 'cause Broderick is a cock. I mean, he's been in some killer movies but the fucker is too much of an ack-torrr for me.


Also for all those stupid fucking bitches who say shit like "I'm such a Samantha" or whatever.


If I ever heard one say "I am so a Carrie Bradshaw", I could be all like "Oh yeah, well then you better spread your browneye and don't be expecting me to hock a loogie in there 'cause I'm going in dry as the desert".

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appearently she spent 2 million in surgery to make herself look more feline, in an attempt to win her billionaire husband back, reason being that they have a big animal ranch/thingy in africa and he has a penchant for tigers and cats alike....


fucked up...


id rather spend 2 million on well... Anything else pretty much..... than to look like that...


it is actually vomit inducing, if you're off guard...


its sickening that 1, the lengths people go to look like things, and 2, how much money people will spend on such fickle things...

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Priceless. That fucking actress is exactly who I thought of too.


That ugly bitch doesn't count though since she's only famous as a cosmetic surgury blooper.



All tits'n lips. And not in a good way.


My list though-



Thought've putting my pecker near that gives me the dry-heaves, almost as bad as it does for this



Not even with 2Track's dick. :)

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