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Malcolm Reynolds Vs Han Solo

Mal V Han  

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OK, regarding the first poll question, disregard that Joss Whedon probably owes alot to Han Solo in developing the Mal character. Vote based solely on which character you like better.


Anyway, it doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to see the many similarity between Han Solo and Captain Malcolm Reynlods. Both are very proud of their ships which it seems most other people would be ashamed of. Both have a sharp sarcastic wit. Both are rugged and don't take crap. Both have hearts of gold. Both fought on the side of the underdog insurgency in a galactic war. Both are at some point bounty hunters and low-life any-job-that-pays kinda guys.


There are some differences. While Han went from cynical and uninteresting in the greater good ("Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I'm in it for the money!") in Episode IV to fully gung-ho and on message with the cause of the Rebellion in Episode VI (which is arguably one of the reasons Episode VI wasn't as good as the previous two). Malcolm was, as well say in a flashback in Firefly, originally something of an idealist, turned cynical and bitter by the retreat of the Browncoats at the Battle of Serenity Hill which was the last stand in the Unification War.


So I'm hoping everyone has at least sinc ethe original Star Wars trilogy, and I'm hoping those who have not seen Firefly check it out soon, then come back to vote.

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Well, come on, pitting Mal up against Billy Dee is unfair, I would never make that poll. This one is more even handed. For the record, Chewie could also take down Zoe, River would snap Leia in two, Luke would outwhine Wash, and Obi Wan can out wax deep Book. Jayne would fuck Boba Fett up, but good.

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Mal all the way... don't think for a second Mal ever fights fair, ever... as for who's faster on the draw, have any of you seen Firefly or Serenity? Mal consistantly beats out anybody he meets on the quickdraw, and nothing beats plugging a guy through his eye while while he's using a girl as a human shield, add to that Mal shot from the hip while walking oh so casual, and THAT is why Mal kicks ass...


Of course Han is a kickass pilot while Mal knows just enough to get from point A to B, but if you get the two in the same room, Mal will win...

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