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Blood diamond

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Before you buy a diamond, make sure to ask if it's certifeid "conflict-free."


That's about all Blood Diamond has to say, so, you don't really have to see it now. Other than that, it's pretty standard. Tough, harboiled white guy diamond dealer (Leo) meets bleeding heart journalist (Jennifer Connelly) and oppressed black dude (Djimon Hounsou). Oppressed black dude loses family and finds a big diamond, and hardboiled diamond trader learns his lesson and has an unnecesary romance with bleeding heart journalist.

We learn that underneath his diamond hard exterior lay a heart of gold. And that stuff is going badly in Africa, but it's getting better because of journalists like jennifer conelly and viewers like us... but not really.


Anyways, it's not all that bad, it's a entertaining flick. Leo does a good job with the accent. The performances generally make the movie watchable. There's no shortage of Djimon Hounsou shouting at the top of his lungs and I definately can never get enough of that. Jennifer Connelly is unfortunately wasted, but it's nice to see her in something.


Oh and interesting choice of end credits song. Nas has never made socially relevant rap sound more out of place.

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Yeah, this was pretty much my impression. It reminded by of Cold Mountain in that sense. Good story, good actors, good photography, yada yada, and in the end it's just a cookie cutter Hollywood Oscar contender. Leo will have a shot at a best actor oscar this year, but it'll be on account of the departed, not this I figure. Now Children of Men, that looks interesting. I'm gonna try and see that this weekend.

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