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It looks like it'll border on abuse. I mean, we've got

Hitler Youth Dean, Hunchback Dean, LSD mindtrip dean, future space skeleton dean, and apparently hank-slain dean.

I'm not sure how many of those link up, but it's a lot of shit happening to the boy at once.

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The only main (as in main storyline) character i didn't see was Molotov. Which is odd seeings how she was a big deal on the end of last season.


Brock will be back. he has to right? right? i don't care if he's bald, they've changed Dr. G, and she's still Dr. G.


i love what they are doing with Henchman 21!


Go 21!!!


it looks like they are taking things to the limit with Sgt. Hatred, no wait, the whole damn show. If this is the last season and they knew it was going to be, it's going to be like hondosbar.com's main banner. WHICH IS JUST THAT FUCKING AWESOME.

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one of the best season finales of all time. I love the fact that they shoved SGT.Hatred down your throat so much you started to hate him and wanted Brock back so bad it hurt.

How about that newer bigger budget eh? EH? some folks are complaining but i love the better sound quality and animation. There was no deviation in character, the fans were all pleased (eee! brian SLADE HAHAHA!!! Go Velvet Goldmine!) My only complaint was the lack of Molotov. but whatevs. Triana was showcased...yay.


On the last episode *SOB*



Brock and 21 start fighting during the day and by the time they cut back to them it is night. Brock didn't pull any punches, because 21 made it clear he wanted a fair fight. FUCKING EPIC. "I fucking prayed you wouldn't!" I love the fact that Dr. G finally recognizes 21 as well, and gives him a bit of a show...heh. She even puts her little weirdos in their place. I wonder if 21 will ever find out that it was they who killed 24? I'm thinking of a title.. 'Moppets In Space'. I love the fact that Brock was there the whole time and NO ONE knew. All this time.... geesh!


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