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MH vs Gert from "Runaways"


so, ignoring the purple hair...and mebbe the dino. No, keep the dino.  

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Lucca was the mechanic chick that did the robot guy, right? ...or was that a bad fanfic?




Pretty sure that was a bad fanfic, but honestly who wouldn't want to toss that helmet aside, yank down those bicycle shorts and help her with her anatomy homework. OH YEEAAH! :yup:

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LUCA! YEEEEEEES I loved her!!! She was one of my bestest characters in Chrono Trigger!!!!!!1 :welcome: oh sweet memories...



I voted Yes.. as apparently, everyone else has.


Metalheart is so cute, with her lil glasses and her dinosaur... I, I wanna Marry her someday! But she's already taken.... :(

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i should totally go double or nothin on this bet.

and MH cosplaying would be so awesome. I can kinda be Chase, but wed need Jax's friend RPG for what's his name from season 1, and...fuck it, only MH'd work for a Runaways thing.

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