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Awe--waitforit--some! Yes, double cool points for the Guinness.   Speaking of which. . .   I can't believe this thread is three years old and no one has reviewed Guinness yet! Come on!   "Sham

Anyone else tried Duvel? Doug swears by the stuff. Personally if I'm gonna drink beer it's gonna be something tasteless, like miller high life light. I hate beer.

Many of these     This is further proof that outside of a lot of the mainstream nonsense, American beers are pissing all over most beers world wide. This is a 7 percent IPA. Its nice and bitter a

Janice loves the Rogue Stuff - especially that hazelnut brown ale - not my cup of tea, but she's into it

The american small brewers are producing some great stuff at the moment - the Galway Bay Brewing Company has some nice ones, a great Chocolate Stout called i think Buried at Sea or something its fantastic on cask and draught.


Anyway some of my faves at the moment;


Dungarvan Brewery - Coffee & Oatmeal Stout



O'Dells Five Barrel Pale Ale



Trouble Brewing - Dark Arts


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