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Ireland's National Soccer Team

alive she cried

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*sigh* Mother of God, please let steve staunton be fired in the morning.


Why do the FAI go for unproven managers?


Mick McCarthy - the only reason he got Ireland anywhere was he had roy keane at his best.


Brian Kerr - A youth team manager?


steve staunton - a great player but one hell of a shitty manager.


as i said god help us.

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Yeah we won but, we scraped a victory against san marino.


They're the lowest ranked nation in europe. They've conceded 27 goals in their lats 4 games.

And we get a scrappy goal in the 94th minute to get the win.


England? ye're the same as ye've always been.

Great players, shit team. I'll never understand it.

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Man, that was just depressing to watch.

While Stan should never have gotten the job, the team that was put out should have easily beaten San Marino, they're all professionals for fuck sake.


We were very lucky, wasteful, and at the end of the day its 3 points, but my god we were awful.


Who'd want to take the job anyway, its a poisoned chalice.


One player who impressed me for the 10 or 15 minutes he was on was Stephen Hunt, whipped in some lovely crosses, i'd be putting him in ahead of Kilbane. Duffer played alright without really doing anything. Robbie Keane, most over rated player ever... shouldn't be captain.

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Look at this, looks like someone has been having fun on Wiki




Its actually been removed, that was quick, but here's the text


The Football Association of Ireland (FAI)Are a bunch of ****ing useless ***** that should be taken out and shot. Everything that they touch turns to ash. wheither it's the Eircom League, all the money that they blew after the 1990 & 1994 world Cups, the Building of Eircom Park, The Roy keane incident, The Sacking Of Brian Kerr after he did the best that he could right down to the Appiontment of a man without no managerial experience and who talks through his arse...Mr Steve Staunton! the organising body for the sport of association football (soccer) in the Republic of IrelandThey should appoint Dave Barry 'cause he is from Cork and knows all about winning. Doucha Davey Barry boy!. It should not be confused with the Irish Football Association (IFA), which is the organising body for the sport in Northern Ireland which is full of dirty ****in huns and snakes just like Rangers.



They had poor old Bobby Robson on the radio today, that stoneless pair no where to be seen! Wankers! :pinch:

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I'm sure i saw a mock up pic of stan and bobby as fr ted and dougal from when they managed that five a side team. Stan = Dougal for sure. Both dim witted fucks, one is funny, one is a joke!


I for one could never go to rugby, soccer to me is much more exciting and means more.


But i still am proud to be Irish because of the effort, the team put out.


If only our Soccer team could exert the same passion and pride in the jersey

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If you look at the result of Saturday and put it into a context, its really satisfying to see the Shinners were the protesting minority who looked like fools.

Move on ffs.


It was amazing to watch, can't imagine what it would have been like to have been there. You could hear a pin drop just before the anthems started, and i'm glad the fans respected it.


Come on Ireland, it will be interesting to see if we get even a fraction of the passion, desire and commitment from the soccer lads when they play next month, bet half of them don't even know the anthem. John Hayes was crying singing it! Thats how much it meant, how much does it mean to Robbie Keane et al?

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This is my opinion on the Irish "soccer team": we have a soccer team?


Fuck sake, we have an absolutely world class rugby team (which is cross-border i might add, you dont see an Northern Ireland rugby team do you? rugby is leaps and bounds ahead of soccer in every aspect in this country) 3rd in the world when last i checked. At least get behind the winning side. Nobody'll judge you cos half the bloody country hopped on the bandwagon once the Irish team started kicking ass left right and centre (3 victories in a row over southern hemisphere sides anyone?).


I'm not a bandwagon hopper as ive been behind Irish rugby for a number of years but im sorry guys Irish football is an absolute joke and its always going to be.

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