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Hey, you got a few seconds to spare?


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Alright, hear me out Hondonians -


I have this real good friend of mine (sadly, I'm not referring to Metalheart - although she is my most dearest friend of all! <3) who is in this website contest to win a date with some stud on a 3-night cruise from Los Angeles to Mexico. Her name is Khrystyn, and she's a super awesome chick I used to go to high school with.


Anyway, it's super easy to vote for her. Just visit this page and click the vote button below her picture. That's it! You're done! =)


Tell your friends! Oh, and you can vote once a day too.


Thanks everyone!

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I can't tell if you're a troll or spammer or what, but by christ you're insightful. YES I have a few seconds to spare so I'll help your friend go on a cruise. She gots nice skin anyways.

Heh, I'm neither a troll or a spammer - just a guy helping out a friend.


She's a beaut, ain't she? I still find it hard (no pun intended) at times to believe I actually went to high school with her. We were good friends, too - still am, albeit both of us living in different states now.


Khrystyn's the sweetest and kindest girl you'd ever meet. Always smiling, always vibrant, always the life of any gathering. She was the reason I looked forward to going to school in the morning, since my first class had her in it, and we always had a blast together.


I think she deserves this trip due to some troubling events that have happened to her recently. I won't specify what they were exactly, but I'm sure this cruise is just the thing she needs to brighten up her life again.


Really guys, thanks for your input and support. And thanks for the FHD nomination!


Keep those votes a-coming! They really do mean a lot.

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