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TV shows you DO remember as a kid!

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remember Bonkers?


Gummie Bears! i remember that show! It was the shit!


Ah, the snorks. lol I remember the snorks. that was Saturday Morning cartoon stuff. Just like that Macaulay Culkin cartoon Wish Kid.



Mighty Max (which I think someone already mentioned)



Here's a funny bit if information: Tim Curry was the Skull Master in this show.


then there was my first experience with Liberal Propaganda: Captain Planet



This one speaks for itself:



ah...my youth


and then,


arch we're talkin' bout shows you can't really remember, not ones you loved, otherwise this woulda been a whole different thread



finally, here's a thread to post what kid shows you loved!

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The ones at the top of my head at the moment...



Darkwing Duck - of course.


Goof Troop

Duck Tales

Captin Planet - I just don't konw what it was about this show...

Mighty Max - like mentioned


Rocko's Modern Life - SPUNKY!

Rugrats (this show was cool back in the day)

TMNT - Turtle power!

Hey Arnold! - One of my fav Nickelodeon shows

The X-men


Batman (regular?) - yeah real dark

Batman Beyond - Really cool show I remember i liked it a lot

Sailor Moon - started back in '95 and thus began my long career in anime loving.


Real Life:

Are you afraid of the Dark? - as already mentioned

Saved by the bell - corny but it rocked my world.

Power Rangers - I have already stated my case... (1st Yellow Ranger FOR LIFE!)

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it was all about the disney afternoon.

also, garfield and friends...i wish there was a lot less garfield and a lot more friends. even as a child i knew he wasn't funny.

motherfukin jem!

you can't do that on television


fraggle rock

TGIF shows




also, i miss all those commercials on saturday morning cartoons that featured a whole lot of claymation animals and shoes that wanted to fly to get high or whatnot. and the blowpop commercial. and the tootsie roll commercial with mr. owl. and coooookie crips!

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Looney Toons

Tiny Toons


Pinky and the Brain

James Bond Jr

Biker Mice


Action League Now

Johnny Bravo

Angry Beavers


Ace Ventura (animated)

The Mask (animated)

Dumb and Dumber (animated)


That's all i can think of right now, but i'm sure there're loads more

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Gargoyles was fucking cool shiz. Also, animaniacs and kablam...

The last three you mentioned, I never really cared much for them even if I loved the movies.




Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Bonkers! - as mentioned by arch

Ah yes, TGIF shows...

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i miss rockos modern life...


i also loved pokemon as a kid... so much so i had the gameboy games too...

there was gigantor too


captain caveman...

thomas the tank engine...


(man, this is like the best music of the 90's thread again... so much gold)



(edit was because i put in ironman instead of gigantor)

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I believe I brought up Mighty Max a long time ago, probably before I joined Hondo's, when Arch and I would sometimes hang out with Bishop and Gunsmith. I loved that show, one of the few animated shows to actually have an ending (of course it was a time travel ending that had the hero go back to the very first episode, thus letting them show it forever in a never-ending cycle, the bastards!)


As for my own memories there's


Dinosaucers (someone had to bring it up)


WildC.A.T.S. (x-men clone)


Ultraforce (another x-men clone)


Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fuck yeah!)


Inhumanoids (creepy for a little kid)


Tales from the Crypt Animated Series (just what it sounds like)


and last but not least...

G.I. Joe... EXTREME! (at least it's better than the crap that is G.I.Joe Sigma 6)

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I also remember the old Hannah-Barbera cartoons like:


The Original Johnny Quest (the re-makes weren't that bad)


SeaLab 2020


Bird-Man (before he became a lawyer)


The Pirates of Darkwater (fuck yeah!)


and my favourite


Thundarr the Barbarian!

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That's Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters



And the sequel Extreme Ghostbusters



The Bionic Six



Dungeons and Dragons (If you've ever played Baldur's Gate II then you know they were all eaten by Tiamat)



War Planets (or Shadowraiders up in Canada, same toy line as Mighty Max and Polly Pocket)



Reboot (by the same production house that brought you War Planets)



Centurions (power Xtreme, bitches!)



Defenders of the Earth (first time I ever saw The Phantom)



Phantom 2040 (came out after the movie with Billy Zane)



The New Flash Gordon (he's a fucking Air-Force brat looking for his lost parents, still, not bad)


Wow, I can't actually find any picture of this show outside of Amazon.com


Galaxy High



Swat KATS: The Radical Squadron (fuck yeah!)



Exo-Squad (I still have a copy of the final story arc on VHS that I taped when I was a kid)



Galtar and the Golden Lance (the kid with the tri-section boomeran I thought was pretty cool)


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Certainly not just in your head....




Still, it's all about Danger Mouse



Count Fucking Duckula, awesome! And Danger Mouse!

David Jason voiced Duckula and Danger mouse, he's a legend familiar to us as Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses!


Defenders of the earth already mentioned.

Ren & Stimpy


Arrgh Real Monsters




Trapdoor (claymation!)


Must dig deeper in my mind!

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