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So, this game - which more than likely won't go anywheres on account of ya'll being a buncha lazy nappy headed hos (Jesus, I'm dishing out the Hondo's hate tonight..I'm sorry guys, you know it's just the booze...tomorrow morning I'll be back with a bouquet of roses and puppy dog eyes) - but I will try at least and that's half the battle.


The game is easy as pie. I post an MS Paint picture of a famous movie. You guess the movie, you get to do the next drawing and so on. It's that fucking easy. So let's see if this works.


I'll kick it off with an easy one...




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my case for united 93 still stands..


No it doesn't, that scene never happened in that film* or in the life of that particular plane, perhaps it could be from Oliver Stone's World Trade Centre pic**, but United 93 crashed into a field.




*to the best of my knowledge it didn't, or maybe it did, they could have spliced the towers in for effect, I haven't seen it to be honest.

**but it isn't, its Die Hard.

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