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You know what?  If Batman can beat Superman, Wolvy can!  Since he's the underdog, he automatically gets some points in the comic book world.  While you certainly can say "Supe could just toss him into space, use his inconsistently fast super speed to punch him a thousand times in a second, fly up in the air where he can't be reached and shoot lasers at him etc etc ad nausem"  when is the last time Superman did any of that stuff?  The simple fact that superman can fly adn has projectile attacks should beat out anyone who can't do either of those, but Supe never uses his powers to demolish the enemy as he should.  Reminds me of the power rangers who always had a giant robot with a giant sword, that could beat any enemy in one hit (if the enemy was too powerful, they'd just get a new robot) but never chose to use it untill they were getting their asses beat.  Supe never even pulls out all the stops when he's getting beat on.  I saw good writing would triumph over super powers that might be powerful as hell, but are never used pragmatically.

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don't even come with that batman stuff wolverine is no batman and wolverine doesn't have years to articulate amaster plan like that and hell if he did he'd never get through it he would forget half way through again and again there's no doubt apollo from the authority would kill wolverine so don't be to quick to dismis this one folks.

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Bah, Batman shouldn't be the only underdog to beat Superman just because he has enough of an inferiority complex to plan Rube-Goldberg style (think those cartoons where it would take a huge machine to cook an egg) tactics to beat Superman, and he still fought dirty, using kryptonite and another person to help him!  Wolvy could do it with just kryptonite, hell, schmuck human lex luthor almost kills Superman every ten seconds with a bit o' kryptonite.

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Nick: you defended superman better than I could have...




and you kryptonite fuckers, This forum has a dedicated no weapons policy. If Picard couldn't use phasers then wolvie can't have the kryptonite. :angry:


And I saw the Dark Knight fight. Loved it. thought it was actually very 'realistic'. Because Batman was plugged in to the power grid of the ENTIRE CITY (which would constitute a weapon) and Superman had just survived a NUCLEAR BLAST. Understandably, he was kinda woozy.


Dont you guys get it yet? the man can stand up to an atomic bomb. Look at Kingdom Come to see him prove it wasn't a fluke either.


The reason superman often has to go toe to toe with a guy is that he's more often than not trying to stop him from doing something evil and he has to get roght up in his face. No time for subtlety.


Carlos: Forget the adamantium claws angle. You have to consider if Wolvie has the strength to use them. with a kitchen knife you could cut through jello with no problem. Styrofoam takes a little more effort. It;even possible to cut through a 2 by 4, but only if you have a lot of strength.


Now will you guys pease stop smokin whatever it is you're smokin, and get real? Danny, JUST SAY NO.

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Ive actually still reserved my vote, im waitin to be convinced m'boy can win this, but it aint gonna be easy.  

Careful with those spoilers Jumbie....oh yeah, forgot one of Superman's weaknesses is magic, but that comes into his fight against Thor, not Wolvy.

Keep em comin people....cause we should all know i might very well be the man's biggest fan out here but i still think he only wins in a Marvel vs DC type way....a popularity contest.

Like i said, I think Lobo is the lamest anti-hero in a long time, but the only way they pulled off that fight is by not showin it at all. Remember kids, Lobo scares Superman himself, were talkin different leagues entirely here.  But again, i can be convinced...tell me what i wanna hear, baby, tell me Wolvy raids a nuclear compound & sets off like 10 of em at Supes while yellin "Berserker Barrage!!" or somethin.... ???

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Supes is too strong, and fights crap enemies.  no fun in that.  now yes i believe supes would win.... but there is a chance wolvie would win....



dum dum duuuuumm



Supes has wolvie all bloodied up and beaten, he goes to check on the states of wolvies health like the goody 2 shoes he is.  wolvies heals faster than supes predicted and manages to get a cheap shot into his gut, the now wounded supes is cake to take down.  we all know that supes is all hero bravado until he is hurt.... since he is never hurt. he doesnt know how to handle himself well at all.  the shock of pain will give wolvie the time he needs to cut his head off.


as for the knife and 2 by 4 theory.... id like to think that while wolvie does have an adamantium skeleton, his claws are ginsu sharp and rival a light sabers' cutting power.   i do think a saber would win though, energy cuts thru matter if equally potent.  


i know its a long shot, but given supes guile and wolvie's animal instinct, i htink its the only real shot wolvie has.

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Yahve: Wrong on both counts.


Superman died already. ANd it wasn't a quick death either. he torn to bits first. And you have to let go your old notions of supes as some god. He gets hurt all the time. it's how he deals with it that has made him a hero. and he can deal with it rather well.


As for lightsabers. Take note of Phantom Menace where Qui-Gon has to SLOWLY cut through the door with his saber.


Again we see that sharpness is nothing without strength.

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Wolvy has the sheer stength to penetrate Hulk's skin, albeit usin a lil of Hulk's momentum comin at him to break through.  Wouldnt win, but still, i think he could at least break skin.

Dammit Jumbie, enough with the goddamn spoilers! At least mark em off once in a while, like *SPOILER* and put em way at the bottom.

And while id like to think Wolvy'd behead him in one fell swoop, i just dont buy it: the last time Wolvy fought Hulk (our best reference for this fight) he almost killed him, but only by clawin the shit outta Hulk's neck a lot faster than Hulk could react.  Again, Hulk isnt nearly Supes' speed, and it took a few cuts to really dig in there, im sure itd take twice as much with Superman.  Jumbie, dont he have a barrier or really hard skin or somethin, initially?

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in reference to the picard vs dan fight weapons where not allowed there because everyone was giving picard a gun and fifty yards while hibiki was left weapon less and that was unfair i will remind all who come here that weapons are allowed but it must be placed in a fair context example picard has a gun dan then should also have a gun wolverine has kryptonite then superman should also have kryptonite...er... you know what i mean in addition characters are not allowed to do things that they have never done or would do example picard would not shoot someone in cold blood from fifty yards and kill them he is not a killer and dan would not shoot people in their sleep wolverine would not be able to syntisize kryptonite and superman cannot kill or go at it all the way there is only one such case that superman will kill or let loose and that if they kill someone close to him which ain't happening unless wolverine looses his mind so my money is on wolverine but don't get me wrong here superman should be able to kill wolverine but it's too damn bad he waits to long to go full speed, apollo from the autority would kill them all but then again so would prime fuck you and good nite i love you miami.

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Wait, ya might be wrong on one point *POSSIBLE SPOILERS OS SUPERMAN II AS WELL AS THE COMICS*






Remember, and i hope im gettin this right in the comic as well - Jumbie help me out here - Superman did kill some fellow Kyrptonians when he realized they coulndt be contained and simply wouldnt stop.  The same might go for Wolvy.  More on this later.

On a side note, Jumbie, have you read Action Comics # 775, Superman Vs the Elite? Its very much on the lines were talkin bout, one of the best Superman books ive read.

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Superman once executed 3 kryptonians. It was some kinda alternate world story where Superstrong kryptonians came over. These were kryptonians from the original universe where superman had been godlike. But the current superman was a weakling and he knew there was no force on Earth to stop the three.


He went slowly crazy after he killed them. A great plotline that lead to his exile i space and meeting Mongul and the Eradicator.


Anyways, we forget another killing Superman made. IN the death of superman story, he held back on doomsday til the end and then decided to go for the kill.


So you see Carlos... when threatened he can make the hard decision.


I also say that whether wolvie has a killer instinct or not, he doesn't have the tools for the job.

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And no, Nick I never read 775. I'll put it on my list. I also only read a little of the recent War storyline. A major plot element was supposed to have been heroes facing the decision to kill. Anyone know how this affected Supes?


And if you're wondering how SUpes killed 3 kryptonians who were each 50 times stronger than him... He used Krytonite. SInce they were from his old hokey universe where they had different types of kryptonite that did different things... he used yellow kryptonite to take their powers away temporarily and then dispatched them. Only red kryptonite affected him so he was safe from the effects.

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It is pointless to even  consider the possibility of this duel since wolvy is being denied his right to use weapons.

Cmon lets even it up.

Its an unfair match.


quite simply superman's  super speed would render him

invulnerble against an opponent like wolverine.Lets suppose wolverine's

razor sharp claws can sever superman's skin it wouldn't be useful since superman can easily evade

any attack  because he is faster. I'm sure superman's punches fired at warp speed can momentarily

stun wolverine.During this time superman can remove all of his internal organs and hurl them to

another galaxy . This may sound stupid but Isn't this possible in the comic book world? .

Or maybe superman could hover  in the air and use his heat  vision  to  probably melt his bones.


Can superman alter the structure of the molecules of his body?

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Well, while even supes cant melt his bones, he could melt his organs; but everyone's arguement for Wolvy winnin is that he simply wouldnt do it 'cause he' such a big boyscout. Dont know if he can alter his molecules, he's had a host of dumb powers throughout time.

hell, if the movies are true, he can kiss ya & make you forget shit. :D

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Yeah, but he felt bad & went all crazy bout it.  Batman breaks criminal's bones alla time & gets a stiffy from it, he's a bad, bad man.

Superman, on the other hand, once got beaten up by venom. By Venom, by god! The man's two weaknesses are heat and sound! Admit it, your boy rarely gets good writin to back him up.

And on a side note, isnt he a farm boy at heart? Wouldnt that mean he'd be more interested in...

:D :baa:                      :dissappointed:

Just a thought...

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He didn't go crazy after killing Doomsday. He understood and made a decision that he'd have to kill to defend himself.


and he can make that decision again. Sure he might try to restrain wolvie, but the minute he got seriously hurt and saw that the berserker had no reason (He decided to kill Doomsday cuz there was no reasoning with him. Martian manhunter scanned the creatures mind and told supes it was all hate and destruction) he;d kill him.


And here's an outlandish idea... SUpes could not only beat wolvie in a straight fight... he could do it without killing the furry little runt. If superman dashed around wolvie and bearhugged him (rendering claws useless), in an admittedly homosexual pose, wolvie can't do anything. No amount of rage or judo ar anything can get wolvie out of a superman bearhug, especially when his arms are restrained.

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thank God i have a new key board now it's time to rumble sup's doesn't kill to protect himself he kills to protect the others around him if you want ot argue against this point then ask yourself why he'd fight at all if not for that fact wolvy isn't going to attack lois but rather he'll wait till sup is within range then bam straight through the throat bye bye sup's too bad he tries to reason with animals i think the fight will go a little something like this wolverine runs at superman to cut him superman flies away aside wolverine says fuck superman tries to explain that their on the same side wolverine says you're right stupid ass superamn comes down thinking that wolverine can't even hurt him they set off on their new mission but wolverine needs a ride to get to where ever this quier team up is leading them so superman gives him a piggy back ride and they fly off and bam baby bizzerker barage all over sup's spine till he's paralyzed and then it's a matter of time and how those this story end it ends with a close up on wolverine saying he's dead and i'm glad.

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Wolvie's claws can't hurt superman. Not with Wolvie's strength. Thor with adamantium could mess him up but not Wolverine.


And I say again. Superman doesn't have to kill the runt to win. Picture this: Wolvie is upside down in the air, while superman holds him aloft by one ankle. Checkmate. After that IF he still wants to... drop him in a volcano, Deep six him in an ocean. Use him as a baseball bat for those annoying vultures that get in Supes's way...


There is no contest here Carlos. Your original reasoning for saying this was a close fight was Supes's reticence to kill. I say that doesn't matter. It's still too much like a rubber ball and a brick wall.


Wolvie is cool and hard. But he has his limits. That's exactly the reason that they had him fight Galactus. To show that He was not a cosmic being.


Nick, Akhtar, Carlos.... vote already.

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Cant...yet...vote...must...figure...logical way ...for my boy to win....anger.


Lets try some backwards logic!

1) Video games

On SNES i believe, there was a lame JLA fightin game.  In this lame game, one could play Supes, Bats or a host of no namers.  Oddly, Superman & Batman dealt out just about the same amount of damage, and no Batman didnt have his Dark Knight Returns suit on or nothin.

Superman could achieve a 2 to 3 hit combo.

Years later, in Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Wolverine's "Berserker Barage!" super can hit somewhere in the vicinity of 30 times, and while the hits dont to as much as Superman's hits in his respective game, its still 30 fuckin times.

So, it logically follows that Wolverine would beat Superman's ass, especially in a Capcom game.

2) Arguement of "he who grabs at straws"

Superman got his ass beat by Venom, too stupid to learn/exploit Venom's weaknesess.  Wolverine not only almost killed Spider-Man, a being much faster and stronger than him who frequently takes down Venom, but once in a shitty, shitty fight, beat Venom's ass himself.  (Hey, i used to have the "he can beat the hulk, and the hulk could maybe beat superman!" arguement till Marvel Vs DC fucked that one up).

>So, it logically follows that blah blah blah.

3) The Nada Surf arguement

The fans voted that bone-claw Wolvy'd beat Lobo, despite his amazin inability to do so.  Surely theyd back my boy here again, especially bein featured in a more recent movie/ merchandise ad naseum/ etc.

4) Desperation arguement, part deux

He could enlist Dr Strange to magically help out! He could wait till Superman was sleepin! He could ask Batman for ideas, maybe borrow some kryptonite or somethin! He could hire a dirty, dirty hooker with a nasty Kryptonian VD and get Superman good n' liquored up!  Must win..this arguement...:D

*ahem* Go on, Jumbie, try I SAY TRY an find flaws in that sound, sound logic.  You could build a house with it, i tell you. :D

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ARg.  what the hell... voted for Superman.  It's just too much for wolvie to win in a fair fight.  i've never been too into the supes comic just because he is a cosmic being dealing with minor trash far beneath his skills.... supes isnt a thinker, so its not a thinking comic, its a battle comic. and hte battles are horribly unbalanced.  Pitt Spawn up against Supes.... put a dead black man against america's finest jewel to see who comes out on top  (ideas.... ideas)

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