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wolverine vs superman



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it wasn't until a few days ago that i learnt that wolverine wasn't killed by the hulk?  :thinking:


Is Hulk stronger and faster than superman?


I believe that if Wolverine can survive a fight against arguably

the strongest being on earth then he has a chance against superman.

The only thing i'm worried about for wolverine is superman's speed and his ability to defy gravity.How can we get his fucker out of the sky? :D

Imam said no weapons, can we then equip wolvy with some device that can inhibit superman's flight?

What exactly does superman have protecting him? is it a force field ..a layer energy.. what?


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flight won't be a problem in this fight superman has to come down to wolverine's level to detain him yeah he could shoot wolverine from the air but he won't and as soon as he comes down he'll get cut down wolverine should be able to cut through sups cause if doomsday could do it with rock or bone claws.

jumbie the jedis in star wars wheren't useing their strenght to cut throught the door but rather they were moving down slow to get a full burn through the door its like useing a blow tourch i imagine when i move it down it requires no more force then when i keep it in place.

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me am with jumbie for now i kill him country soon though. me am fan of supeerman, and ah santa claus, and ah the tooth fairy, and ah aqua lad, and ah plastic man, and ah hardcase, and ah hooters, and ah wild thing, and ah blue beetle, and ah yellow beetle, and ah red beetle, and ah farting, and ah preacher, and ah the duke, and ah irishcowboy, and ah welfair, and ah justice, and ah mr y, and ah metal gear solid, and ah ufo's, and ah back street boys (o so tuf), and ah superman. yep me am fan but i kill them all.......soon.

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Why is it whenever weve got a really interestin debate goin & hitler jumps in an all, there's always gotta be some troll like Prime lurkin about to fuck it all up?

Wolverine wins, 'cause Supes is apparently a pawn of hitler. Also, i predict the Duke himself might have a few words to say bout PrimeTime here, but thats just a hunch.

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I made the analogy about the hurricane for a reason. Just the way a hurricane can put a piece of wood through a concrete wall, Doomsday has the strength to hurt superman with bone claws (in any case I doubt they were ordinary bone).


But a human can't put a steel katana through a concrete wall even though it's sharper and harder, because they don't have the strength. Wolvie hasn't the strength to use those claws against superman.


And just the way a boxer goes for the body in the early rounds before moving in for the knockout, Supes can stay in the air til he's fried most of Wolvie's flesh off. And while the bones may be made of adamantium they're still separate bones. They can be yanked out of their sockets. Dont believe Supes would go that far? Look at the doomsday fight where he clinically breaks Doomsday's bones to weaken him.


I'm gonna have to do a listing of evidence here cuz apparently Nick's wasn't enough. But I dont have the time.


Carlos: U still haven't given Wolvie a way out of the super bear hug.


Hitler: you are a poser. walking around strutting, like you're the biggest asshole in history when Stalin and Mao both killed more people than you. And they killed their own people too.


3rd Reich? more like 3rd rate.


Prime: you are not fit to even lick the footsteps of Big Blue.


- OMG. I'm arguing back at a dead guy and a lame fictional character. See you guys later. I gotta call my shrink.


"Hello, Dr. Scratchansniff?"

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alright if there are no other opinions to this fight then i'm going to have to go with logic here and say that wolverine wins or was it superman forget i will vote tommarrow and and the winner will move on to take on the winner in the hulk vs spawn brawl, but not before some other comic powerhouses go at it any ideas on who you want to see just post them here or at the combatons section here at fight club.

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Nick: I wanna see Spawn fight Supes cuz I think the dude could win.


(WOW. AM I really saying that?)


well, yeah. Supes is more vulnerable to magic (not especially vulnerable. Just has no defenses against it, like regular humans) than physical attacks.


ANd certainly Spawn's a better challenge than wwolverine. much more interesting fight too. more interplay of powers and tactics.

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Ah, young skywalker, youve much to learn.

First off, 6 somethin foot Iron Man is shootin way over Wolvy's head.

Second, a drunken Tony Stark obiously forgot that this is his tickle beam or somethin, cause as you can clearly see, my boy's not even phased.  His healin factor's just that good, tell your boy to quit annoyin him.

That, or his age caught up with him, and Logan-san just went really, really senile.

"Ow goddammit! Who keeps shootin me in the ass!? Bound to find ya if i keep growlin in this direction, bub!"  ???

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...did you read my posts? my boy cant win this fight, we both know it.

i keep saying it: anytime someone can toss you into the sun without much effort, its not a fight, you're the victim of an act of god or something.

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