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Seeing these things for the first time brought an aura of shock and disbelief over the video gaming world & changed fighting games as we know it.  No longer was it good enough to just beat your opponent silly, but now it was just as important to know that secret combination to dismember your opponent in your character's oh-so-special way.


Pick your fav.

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If I had the right to vote I'd vote for you all to die, that's right die, and after you all are dead I'd make sweet sweet love to your dead dead bodies. O god I hope you all die soon, especially you Chief I've seen how badly you want it you whore! :D  :D  :D

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i always wonder if subzero can rip your head off why won't he do it the first chance he get's like the first time he freezes you what's with all the honor in a killing game i know the game would suck if subzero could just bully you like that but radien does it all the time a little pay back wouldn't hurt.

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How many times must i say this? Youve got to be dizzy.

One of the first things ya learn as an EMT is that you can't rip a man's head/spinal column out unless theyre dizzy, it just doesnt work.  Knowin this, Midway made your enemy dizzy after you won so you could kill 'im.

Christ man, read a book!

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Look, just 'cause you dont understand somethin...i mean, fuck, the girl had metal in her hair, that psycho bitch. They shoulda killed her. Why cant you see?



Also, if one stays dilligent, Judo teaches one how to swat pesky ninjas out of the air.


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I've always been a fan of blood and guts...


I was having difficulty though trying to decide over Scorpion (just because I would play with him all the time) (also because I found him one of the most easiest characters to use because of the known fact that I suck when it comes to fighting games) and Sub-zero. His fatality was designed better than scorpions.


And I alwas thought that Sonya's kiss of death was kind of lame... ???

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Oh, if its the lamers fatalities were talkin bout...

its a tie.

1) The SNES censored MK 1, where Johnny Cage opts for kickin his foot into the enemies' chest, wigglin it around a bit, and they drop dead, assumably from foot odor or somethin.


2)MK 1 again, but for Genesis: the sound & graphics were awful.  Kano's classic rip-your-heart-out fatality in pixelated 16-bit ended up lookin like he pulled a bright red fishy outta your chest, looked even funnier as it wiggled its tail (?) back n' forth till the screen went black.

Man, those sucked.

On a side note...anyone ever play MK2 in the arcades when it was still on version 1.1 (first release)? It was quickly recalled & replaced with newer versions when it was discovered that skilled players could actually perform a bablity (turnin thier enemy into a wee baby), then fatality em, which was really nasty...:ill:

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Johnny Cage's shadow uppercut to the chin that decapitates, Kano's move as well...


My fave is the Jax pumkin smash...yeah........on MKII... SNES style. :muggin:





Fatality Theater

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance



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