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Kylie Vs Shakira



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Wow.  She's pretty an' all, but can she sing?


I gotta go with Nick.  After I saw that belly move, i'm a sucker for that Shakira girl.  Ok, ok, so i like her album, too.


But don't get me wrong.  if I could look like kylie, I'd volunteer.  she's hot.  then i'd really have a use for this armor.

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First I'd like to stress that I like boys.  One in particular, who moderates a forum with a fighting theme...but that is besides the point.  I can appreciate looks in a woman.  I don't know Kylie too much, but that picture is scary!  She looks freaky and kind of artificial.  The hair color and facial structure throw me off totally.  I think Shakira is an attractive woman.  The Alanis Morrisette days weren't so great, but you could still see that she was pretty.  Shaki wins this hands down - no competition.  I admit that am partial to Shaki for her music and dancing, but that Kylie looks scary.

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Alright, back to business!

Shakira's spankin that ass thus far - hey defgoddess, didnt ya wanna post here? And where's Kylie support i heard before?  Cmon, id love to settle it in a mudfight, but that sadly aint happenin so lets hear it!

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Well Shak does have 10 years or so on Kylie. A fairer poll would be Shakira against this chick, Holly Valance. Another ex-Aussie soap sexpot, just got to No 1 in the UK with her debut single (Here's her video - Kiss Kiss). She's a lot hotter than Kylie imho, lemme know what you think... :D


musicvid_kisskiss.jpg (not the best picture but I'm lazy, watch the video!

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Not to worry KoS, I've seen the vid already and know what the fuss is about. Lets just say, she uses beams of light as underwear :D


Anyway, on this topic Kylie wins it hands down for me. After all she has been doing it for the kids for years...


"I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky..."  :D

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KOS - your old link went dead for a bit, dont know if its back up.  Saw the vid on the new one...she's pretty hot.

Still dont know if she can take on my Shakira tho - wish i could put the "Whenever, Wherever" video on Real or somethin small to show off...make a new poll for these 2 tho if ya want.

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Jumbie, i do hope you are NOT talking about the 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' video for your sake!?! If you are, you are most probably very gay!


Yeah, I prefer one chick to another... so I MUST be gay :D . I ain't saying I don't like the Kylie video. But it's clear she isn't anywhere close to Shakira's level.


If you liked the 'Head' video, no problem... If you think the "head" video gives Kylie the advantage over Shakira (especially after seeing the 'Whenever, wherever' video) then you're 'visually challenged'






and gay

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Yeah, I just always connected "soiling" with the back end. Isn't it kinda funny how the Kylie contingent seems to be the Brits and the Shakira contingent is the yanks? Maybe I'm wrong but I think kylie has done an admirable job breaking back into the musical world. I thought she died out long ago and here she is, back, bum lifts an' all.

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Kylie, those Hot Pants in the spinning around video are fuckin hot!!!

There is some good downloadable shit of Kylie @ Kylie Including the Agent Provocateur Ad (You know that Lingerie Company!! ) It is in the multimedia section. Wow!!


Spinning around video shot below!!




Holly Valance, only 18, yes you would break her in two!! or die trying!!








Excuse me a minute .....  :blush:

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