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Ali did not have power to match Tyson.   I'd go for it if you said Frazier but Ali?  You gotta be outta your mind.   But I do agree with you on Ali being the smarter fighter.   If it were only a boxing match I got my money on Ali.  If it were an all out fight my money's on Tyson.

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Tyson has a lotta power, but not the heaviest hitter in boxin, i still think Foreman in his prime was harder. Ali'd school him worse than Holyfield was.  Dont get me wrong, itd be a helluva fight tho.

Jones Jr is light heavyweight these days, he clocked in about 179 last match. Still doesnt have much competition in his division, i really like the guy but damn i wish he'd move up a lil bit soon.

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Did anyone catch the Jones fight last night. It was the funniest knockout I ever saw.


his fight weight was 172 too. and he's been looking to get a fight with a guy in the 156lb division. they still haven't decided what weight to fight at. but it'll mean Jones has to move down.

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I've never seen a man who weighs more than Roy, has longer reach than Roy, with a height advantage over Roy be so fuckin' scared as Roy's last opponent.  That australian guy was the biggest punk I've ever seen in the ring.  Roy would fart & he would flinch.


The knockout was a classic tho.  I won't spoil it for those who didn't see it.

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