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No prob! I thought you guys might get a kick out of some cosplay pics.


Oh! Totally forgot to give a 'shout out'! Maybe the anime fans here would get it:




- to the right, in purple garb n' teal hair is 'Tony Stark's daughter / Alx's other niece - as a character from 'Tokyo Ghoul'...Eto. I'm not really plugged into anime - had to ask. But, ey - if anyone knows who that is - check it.




^ She made her outfit all on her own - very proud. (About to turn 18)

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NZA and I went to Paradise City Comic Con this weekend! He had talked about wearing the Captain America winter soldier costume he'd gotten for Halloween and I toyed with the idea of doing a "couples" cosplay with him. I wasn't interested in going as Natasha, so I decided to dress up as Bucky instead! 


We didn't get any good pics of Nick yesterday (except for some professional ones a friend took that won't be ready for a bit), but here's the costume from Halloween:



And here is my cosplay from yesterday!

uzAnDyol.jpg slF4WxIt.jpg  hbuT3Mft.jpg  uUynIHXt.jpg




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Tonight was Panch's amaaaazing superhero-themed baby shower where costumes were encouraged! So @The NZA and I dressed up as Netflix's Jessica Jones, and Daredevil (season 1, before he gets his costume made). Check it out!













Thanks for this one, @Newtype! :)


We had such a fun night. It was by far the best shower I've ever been to! Now, to prepare our couple's cosplay for Supercon! 




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Wow, ye absolutely nailed it.  


I'm only familiar with baby showers through movies and such, but based on the above evidence, I concur that that was the best baby shower ever.


P.s. Cap/Winter Soldier (which I'm just seeing for the first time) was also amazing. Do ye have those professional photos ye took?

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On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 2:56 AM, alive she cried said:

P.s. Cap/Winter Soldier (which I'm just seeing for the first time) was also amazing. Do ye have those professional photos ye took?


Oh yeah, I forgot to post those! :)


My friend took a few pictures at PCCC and he sent me a link for Flickr, but I can't download the hi-res versions because they're protected. So these are screen grabs. Quality isn't as great, but you get the idea! He was using a weird prism thing on his camera to get some of the effects. I think @The NZA looks so good in the first one! I love that shot!!













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I thought there was a thread for 'Comic Convention' stuff, but I couldn't find it.  (I only found a Supercon one)  Sooo - I'm gonna post my load here, feel free to move it...


It - was - HUUUUUGE.  Kay - huge doesn't even describe it.  If you've been to Supercon - imagine that size...that space...times four.  Like, it WAS Supercon - but Supercon multiplied by 4 floors.  Like, you went up an escalator...and the next floor was just as packed w/ stuff and people...and so was the 3rd floor...AND the 4th.  And THAT was just ONE building...there were 5 buildings.  Spread out across Downtown Atlanta...it was like going to Disneyworld.  After you'd check out a 'building' (these buildings were massive hotels: Hilton, Marriot, ect.) you'd hafta walk a couple of blocks to hit up another 'location' / 'building'.


Mass of humans - lots of costumes - lots of foot-travel.  LOL - TOTALLY unprepared for the enormity of the whole...thing.  Each 'hotel' had different stuff - one dedicated exclusively to cosplay / exhibition / showin' off your gear / panels on making gear - then another dedicated to swag / shopping, another for gaming...they had an entire floor dedicated to Japanese Arcade games.  Whaaaaa...







My niece-in-law came up for the event - as Gaiman's Death:




We bumped into another 'Death' -



Floors dedicated to costumes...






^ Sum folks I'm working w/ got their mitts in all kinds of fx and costuming all up in ATL.  The person who tapped me to storyboard her script - made and performed as a female Mysterio...walking alongside Stan Lee's parade float a few years back.


LOL - she says he loved it and gave it his seal of approval...like, literally!  There's sum sort of...holographic authenticator...sticker.  LOL - ah dunno.



Some insanely talented folks there...





...really talented.  It was kewl - but, IT.  IS.  HUUUUGE.  There wasn't enough time to fully absorb - EVERYTHING.  Totally drained by the evening.  It's a 3(?)day event - a lot of people stay at the hotels and they have events and parties that go one till all hours of the night.  Lotta mercy.

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