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John Candy VS Chris Farley


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"Who's he?"

"He's an Asshole, sir"

"I know that! But what's his name!"

"That is his name, sir. Asshole. Major Asshole."

"And his cousin?"

"He's an Asshole, too, sir. Gunner's mate, first class, Philip Asshole."

"How many Assholes do I got on this ship, anyhow."

(Most of the crew stands up) "Yo!"

"I knew it, I'm surrounded by Assholes!"

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Holy Shit, this thread is old. You can smell the methane it's so dead. On that note, as if nothing has changed in the past four years and it was only yesterday:




I'd have to go with the late great John Candy. Great actor, one of the comedic classics. Did you know he was also one of the major voice actors in the origianl Heavy Metal animated movie?


Chris Farley had a lot more energy on camera, but I think you can chalk that up to his relative youth. Given time, I think Farley could have become as great an actor/comedian as Candy but he went too young. I think even John Belushi was older when he OD. I wonder what a more subdued and witty Chris Farley would have been like in a movie, in a kinda Blues Brothers role instead of Farley's standard Black Sheep role and it's clone which name escapes me at the moment.


So, it's John Candy for me.

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So living out ina van down by the river didn't make you laugh? Or being a gossipy high school girl with Adam Sandler working at the mall as a Gap girl folding clothes didn't make you laugh. Auditioning to be a Chippendales dancer didn't make you laugh? Or impersonating Don Delouise? Or Tom Arlond? I mean, Farley was one of the few always willing to give it his all to get the laugh.

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One of you Farley lovers should go to you tube or google video, and find some proof that Chris Farley has ever been funny.*


Until then, this one's for John.


The one of the two that I wished wasn't dead.




* Yes I saw the Chippendale sketch, damn I'd love to have been in the script department when they wrote that one, the atmosphere must have been electric.

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Your really comparing apples with oranges here, true they both were fat, funny, and no longer with us, but they worked in complete different areas of comedy. When did Candy fall down and break stuff or go hog wild crazy and use physical comedy to an extreme?, when did farley have straight faced drama type comedy?


Its true that farley could never be as good an uncle buck as Candy, but NO ONE could ever be matt foley but Farley.


One of you Candy lovers should go to you tube or google video, and find some proof that Chris Farley hasn't been funny.

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