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So...Vader wins it, it seems.  Which makes sense, I still cant see how Maul, cool tho he is, is supposed to beat the one that kills off almost all the jedis; he's the chosen one and alla that.  Maul'll be back in episode 2, but here's to hopin he's not a cheesy clone. :D

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I'm gonna give this one to Vader for one reason.


Experience wise, Luke fought only 1 Jedi... Vader himself.  Vader, however, has fought and beat an entire council of Jedi with the exception of Yoda & Obi-Wan... by himself.  Now, you can come to the conclusion that if Vader beat all them Jedi, and Luke beat Vader, then Luke could've beaten all them Jedi too.  But, think about it, Luke against Mace Windu? (Sam Jackson?)  Quai-Gon?  Obi-Wan? The dude with the really big head?  Already seasoned veterans in their game with nothing but time on their hands to think up ways to cleave someone.

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Thank you. Exactly why i was thinkin Vader takes it all, i mean cmon the man was way past his prime when Luke took him on, and i recall he took on the emporer back then too.

Hey, is Sam Jackson supposed to fight this episode? I keep hearin you & TD hype him.  I know Yoda's supposed to do somethin, but i cant picture him actually jumpin & swingin a saber, it must be a force attack or somethin, or he's gonna look like a muppet and you know it.

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A few points...on Vader vs Maul


Maul was simply a Sith (aka dark jedi) vader attained the Title Dark Lord of the Sith (aka Dark Jedi Master)


Also due to the very large gap in rank vader know a hell of alot more than maul. So vader has many trick up his sleave where as maul only has the fancy footwork and them lil horns.


For example Vader can both weild his saber and assault maul with small/large projectiles of whatever is handy (i.e. rocks, machinery, Ewoks, ect) Also at the level of master it IS possible to excert the force upon an object and make it temporarily resistant to a lightsaber. Bullshit? what do you think that cane Yoda carries is for?


Yoda abandoned the saber before leaving to dagobah, maybe in fear of detection, maybe because he realized it was useless on such a primitive planet. The jedi masters have enough skill not to need one but i distinctly remember reading that yoda could make his little staff strong enough to deflect a lightsaber. Also if you aid close enough attention Luke DID score hits on vaders armor, sometimes with effect and sometimes NOT and if that doesnt make you belive vader knew the trick in Cloud city vader Absorbed a shot fired by Han's blaster with his palm.


So basically vader would win because of the mismatch in skill. Even thou maul gets props for the bad ass saberstaff fighting moves the Sith lord wins out with the deflection and other tricks.


So for those of you still awake after this rambling lemme know who else ya want me to compare and i'll fire away.

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