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link versus max (makkusu)



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eh eh eh i like this fight over in one coner we have the elven archer from legend of zelda link "the kid hero" and over in the other coner we have the seasoned veteran of shining force max "the hero" makkusu who will come out standing in this one and live to tell the tale?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Hmm...does Max have his army?

Also, Link kinda varies from game-to-game...does he have Epona? 'Cause if he's on horseback, itd be pretty rough.  Not to mention, the final form of link - this god mask at the end of Majora's Mask - made him one bad mofo.

Junker - good point. Sucks to wait one's turn. :D

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Hmm..Link's still had a lot more battle experience/games, but then its been a different link (ancestor) in some of em...so we determined Link has some elemental magic, and Max has Egress (an effective escape spell), right? Anythin else or just theire weapons & innate magic?

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yes they have magic optimum magic abilities and optimum weapons makkusu also knows bolt in part3 and was still learning by the way he is one tuff mofo and he has got the experiance over link him being a war vet and all.

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Yeah thats true but then Link is used to fightin as a loner, so that's gotta count for somethin..arent you worried Makuso will sit there & say "Hey heal me...fuck whered you guys go?" or somethin?  

He was a good leader tho, so maybe itll end with :link:

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