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Ya know, I used to hear bout how Elvis' Nazi-genetically-engineered talent was used soelely to fund the Reich & buy his old man new ovens an sick shit like that, but I never knew for sure.

No sir. Not till i came to Fight Club.  Man, what a place.  Where else can i talk to philosophers, The Duke, a chatty but mute ninja, and yet still wind up in the 8th cocentric circle of Dante's Inferno, alongside The King & his old man Adolph? Are none of you people seein this shit?! :D

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Artistic learn to love mesa.  Mesa just want all movies have N-Sync and high quality like mesa new favorite, Kung-POW!: Enther the Fist!

Mesa show you all the adventures mesa been on.

Mesa just one wild and crazy guy!


Mesa think advertising is the best!


Mesa like it when little kids suck mesa tongue!


Mesa after one to many coc...uh, beers!



But hey, mesa just one wild and ....what artistic doing to mesa??Jar-jar.jpg

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yeah man that elvis was a male prostitute a male prostitue ya know what they call male prostitutes they call them man whores thats what they call him he was no good with them hips those hips were made for moving around a young mans ass thats not natural you know so i go with the older man the man that liked women thats more natural you see i dont like that young singer with those hips thats a scaring thing you dont want you kids to be around someone like that

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Elvis a faggot?  My eyes can't believe such insanity.  The man was gorgeous and had rhythm, which is something I can't say for Frank.  Those hips were talent!  Elvis didn't have to pay for bobbysoxers to cheer him on.  And if anyone could sing a song and melt your heart, it was Elvis.  Frank doesn't have a prayer.

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No, Elvis couldntve fucked Frank. Frank was straight.

Since this became a music contest instead of fight...

Alita says she likes Frank's music more, which even tho i dig Elvis, i agree, as would Artistic.  Ya want a detailed essay on why she likes the songs she does?  The girl didnt say he'd kick Elvis' ass, just that the music was much better.

And why are we all defendin the Nazi alla sudden? He's the bastard son of Hitler, people! He said so himself! Is no one readin this shit?! :D

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