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Braveheart vs. Gladiator


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    This is probably the hardest vote in fight club that I've seen thus far.  I mean, here were have two guys who led vast armies into victory.  One more of a guriella warfare type, the other a soldier.  Both great warriors in there own right.  Even one on one I'd still say they were both evenly matched.  This is one of those fights I'd see going either way depending on if thy fought at sunrise or sunset or whose back was to the west or errr.... you should get the point.  I mean one is a guy, who wasn't even roman, who became a general that fought along side his men(important point)conquering nations, who the movie portrays as an obvious badass dispise the whole crying for his wife thing which people keep bringing up.  Also there is this guy who led peasants into battle(fighting with them, also important) and was feared by the British who had the strongest armies at that time.  Both are obviously quite formidable men.  I think it comes down to more a matter of prefference.  And I prefer Wallace, mainly because he isn't fictional and I'd like to think that he would win.  Although, I think this is one of those fights that i think you would have to actually see to know the outcome.

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you crazy guys i taught this poll was on which is the better movie then i taught this was about the better fighter then i taught you guys suck ass!

walce rules!

jumbie maybe i caught this conversation a bit too late but walce had quite a few years before he fucked that queen chick while maximus on the other hand he wife's body wassn't even cold and he was in prison so that's more than likly why he was so dedicated to her memory, but here's the funny thing one of the characters max was based on his wife cheated like a whore on him to rise their position in the government.

max hasn't proven nothing that guy that champ guy that who's blade stuck in the snow the guy he fought with the lions it's kinda like this mike tyson versus ali in his current state yeah ali's got home field advatage but he's old man aside from that max was on horse back for most of the first battle with give him one hell of andvantage wallace was mostly on foot.

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Ah, fine sarcasmo, mock.  But in this particular case, ya oughta know it was a joke vote, like "Aunt May impales Superman with her purse" or somethin...and to hell with Skellington! Ah, i cant rank on him too much, but im no fan of Burton anyway.

PS If its an Oscar nominee war it looks like they both get beat down by RingLord, who's apparently catchin 13 of em (!).  I really liked it, but does anyone else think it musta been a really slow year to land that many?

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Sir, I take offense to your implications!

My hench-uh, friends are free to vote in whatever way i command. Common sense must prevail in one itty bitty corner of Fight Club.  Cmon folks, Braveheart was just cooler; youve voted that way like 10x before, why not now? :sobs:

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Yeah, I just checked out the oscar nominations.  They're alright, I'll start up a new thread about that.  And noone said Braveheart wasn't cooler... if we're debating about which movie is better, Braveheart would win a billion times over, easily.  I dunno, I just figured Maximus would beat the guy in a straight one-on-one fight.  I mean, I liked "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" more than "Commando" doesn't mean i think Jimmy Stewart could beat up Arnold Schwartzenagger..  Obviously, the tro...err, representatives say otherwise, so I stand corrected...

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