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thor superman fight



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Maybe but i dont know how to rank em these days...does anyone else miss those Marvel Universe series 2 cards with the cool power rankings on the back? That helped, although it was kinda crazy (I remember they put Gambit on par with Aunt May or somethin)

gambit-stance.gif "Gambit say, you play fair, or you don' play at all!"

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Eh...i think the old one did but last time i read the book (Dan Jurgens was on it, it was the "Dark Gods" arc, pretty good) he didnt, he didnt even have that whole human identity thing, just all god with his own power source as his divinity, not the hammer (tho it does always come back to him anyway).  

Still, again, he's not the god he used to be, back when he had that Hulk power of immeasurable strength, but then again, it'dve been a bitch to beat the old godly superman too.

Hey, that might make another good fight.

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I think Thor would win, but artisticcartoon was right.  If I remember correctly, Spidey was beating up on Thor until he let loose a whole lot of lightning and won.  In any case, Spidey was fighting a human with the power of Thor (Eric Masterson or something) not the real Thor.  Thor would win: he's a God, he's immortal (hence has a lot of experience), and he's just all-around cooler than Supes.

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Thor uses extranormal strength from a magical source. It is not itself magic. So Superman will be dealing with his strength without magical considerations. And lets not forget that Supes has faced magical opponents and kicked their asses.


This is the closest fight artistic has given Supes. But close only counts in hand grenades. If Supes can beat hulk and hulk can beat Thor... well, that's the end of the story.


Thor depends on his hammer for flight so he's weaker there. he wont be as maneuverable in the air.


I give them comparable strength levels. But supes has all the extra optional accessories, like heat vision and speed.


Thor wins a fashion contest but a real fight goes to Superman.

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Stop bringing up the Dark KNight fight Nick. YOu tried that in the wolverine debate. Batman was plugged in to the city's electric grid and Superman had just survuved a nuclear blast.


Unfortunately all of you voted with your dicks already instead of debating the issue like you';re supposed to.


And Carlos, No one plays Horseshoes anymore, do they? Superman had great writers from '89 to about '95.  After that they got electric superman and a whole lotta shit.


THey've been real good for the last year though.

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"Nick, stop bringin up good writing! Stop it!." Man aint worth much when he cant even recognize a game of champions like horseshoes.

You vote for Supes everywhere, i say that's "votin with your cock", if thats possible with a comic character.

Unless its Aunt May..mmm. :D ...what?

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